Late Meeting

Summary: Arthur and his friends are excited to meet a voice actor for the Bionic Bunny series. They wait in a long line to meet him, each eager to see their hero. But when Arthur gets a troubling call from home, he has to leave early. Will he ever be able to meet his hero?

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Arthur counted the people in front of him again. Eighty-four and it was already mid-afternoon. He was at the Elwood City Mall to meet his idol, Brian Adams, the latest voice actor for the Bionic Bunny franchise. He was Arthur’s favorite so far, but that was also everyone else’s opinion. Even Brain was in line, forty people up from Arthur. That was five less than an hour ago; the event would probably end soon, and Arthur knew he would likely leave empty-handed.

When Arthur’s phone rang, he expected another call from Buster. He accidentally slept late, putting him fifty people back from Arthur’s spot in line, also down from an hour ago.

But when Arthur answered, he heard his mother’s worried voice instead.

“Arthur, your father was in a little car accident. He’s okay, but we’re at Elwood City General Hospital getting him checked out. The girls are still at home though, with the Molina’s. I know your event means a lot to you, but I need you to be with them until Thora can get there,” Jane cried.

“I’ll get there as soon as I can,” Arthur assured her. After texting his friends, he left the mall to be with his sisters. His friends understood, and Arthur was on their minds as the event wound to a close.

“We asked security guards to at least help us get one of our posters signed, but Brian had to leave,” Buster sighed. Brain nodded, “We tried as best we could, but Brian flew out of Elwood City last night for Metropolis.”

“It’s okay, guys. You didn’t have to do that for me,” Arthur assured him. He was just happy his father was okay and that he comforted his sisters, who were both really upset until Arthur arrived to tell them it was okay.

Class began as Mr. Ratburn moved into the room, “Settle down, class. Take your seats,” Mr. Ratburn called to them. But instead of standing next to the chalkboard to begin his lesson, he leaned against his desk. Something was up, and the class immediately obeyed his orders. “Today, we have a very special guest that I hear is quite famous among children your age. It is my pleasure to introduce Brian Adams from Bionic Bunny!” Mr. Ratburn exclaimed as Brian Adams stepped into the classroom.

The class, specifically the boys, were too dumbfounded to speak. They read on his social media pages that he was gone, in Metropolis for another stop on his tour. Yet here he was, standing in front of the class while his assistant passed out promotional materials.

“Good morning everyone,” Brian smiled, looking over the group. “I can tell some of you recognize me, and many of you didn’t think I was still here in Elwood City, but I came back for a very important reason. My security guards told me about a local boy who left my event to take care of his family. Arthur? Arthur Read?”

“R-R-Right here,” Arthur stammered.

“I’m proud of what you did, and even though I left early, I knew I had to make it up to you and your loyal friends,” Brian smiled, handing Arthur a special care package filled with the hottest Bionic Bunny merchandise.

To make his visit educational, Brian Adams talked about the process of making action figures by scanning actors with special software. The class was captivated and learned more about how their favorite super heroes came to look exactly like their action figures and vice versa. And Arthur got what he wanted despite his father’s accident, and he felt very proud of both his friends and himself.


Theme 023: Meeting the Hero

Let me know if you’d like more info on the themes.



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