So, I’m working on a new series called 678 that focuses on the middle school years of Arthur and the clan. I’m working with several ideas, but I need your help to make an important decision: Whose parents should get divorced?

So these are the options I’ve come up with, but feel free to put in something else. This is a theme I’ve wanted to delve into for a while, so it’s cool if you say someone else (as long as they are a character from Arthur).

For more information about my 678 series, let me know. And I’ll start posting for it soon, I promise:) (And there will also be other polls, so keep your eye out for them).



    • megan brought up something about this idea in her comment–I sort of covered why his parents split up in Sophomore SOrrows. Neil felt his wife was mistreating his son, and it’s her cruelty that leads to the divorce. I remember from posting an early chapter that this is indeed the case–she destroyed the boy’s dummies just because he wasn’t doing well in school (man I was mean to poor George!).

      Now, I don’t mind covering George again, but I might hold off for a while. One of my newer pieces, “Sinister Dreams,” discusses his parents and his sister that appeared in an episode or two. I’ll probably be willing to cover him in a few weeks, but we’ll how the poll turns out before I start a piece for 678:)


  1. going with brain here. i want to see how divorce would effect him. i also want to know more about his parents. i feel like they don’t work right for each other. she is an extrovert. she’s got her own business. he’s career-oriented, probably an introvert. brain is a mix of both. i want to play with that.

    to dm#’s, i thought the divorce part was covered in sophomore sorrows. mrs. lundgren was a *censored* and neil broke free for his son. that’s just what i remember.

    to chrys, i demand updates of sophomore sorrows. we need more input from loyal readers:)


    • I want to look into the dynamic of Brain’s parents too, but we’ll see where the poll takes us. I have my internship for the rest of the week so I’ll check back in Saturday or next week (if these storms don’t do me in).

      Hmm, I forgot entirely about George’s SS storyline to be honest, but now that you mention it, I think you’re right. I’ll point this out to DM#’s and see what he says:)


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