For my series 678, I’ve decided that one of these kids should get a new pet, but I’d like your help decided who should get a pet, as well as what kind of pet they should get.

So, let’s first decide who should get a pet? You can choose up to 3 answers, and you can also input your own. I’ve omitted students that already have pets, aka Arthur and Francine, and I’ve only listed people who would appear in Arthur’s generation. Their siblings are included just to give people some reference.

If you’d like to see what another character was like as a middle school student who is getting a pet, feel free to place a vote for them as well.

Now I want you to decide what kind of pet they should get. I’m going with some standard choices (i.e. dog, cat, fish), but I’ve included some exotics too (bird, reptile, rock). If you think they should get something else, please let me know. Also, if you have a particular breed/species in mind, please let me know.

678 is a series of pieces where Arthur and the gang are in middle school. I’ll be posting stories for this series very soon, but I’m posting some polls now to get some feedback on certain questions. For more polls, check out my poll tag.



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