DW and the Super Scary Soundtrack

Summary: DW is in bed when she begins to hear scary noises. Nadine tries to comfort her, but DW knows something sinister is outside. Do monsters really exist?

This story can also be found here.

DW heard growling and immediately summoned Nadine. It was late at night and DW knew everyone else in the house was asleep. Yet she kept hearing noises coming from the closet, noises that only grew louder as she and Nadine comforted each other in the center of her bed.

“I t-think y-y-you should c-c-call your p-parents, DW,” Nadine trembled, shaking with fear. DW was shivering too, but she shook her head, “No, Arthur might show up and call me a big baby in front of the Tibble Twins again. We have to handle this ourselves,” DW said bravely…but then the growling got louder, almost shaking the room, and DW froze, remaining motionless in bed.

“Well we have to do something! What if that thing tries to eat us?!” Nadine cried. She then shrieked as the growling monster made attacking noises. DW was as pale as a sheet, and Nadine’s arms were shoved off of her as she dove under the covers. Nadine quickly joined her.

“I know! This is all a nightmare! Mom said if I ate candy without her permission, it could give me bad dreams. This must be that…I think,” DW whimpered. The beast was shredding something now, an animal of some sort. DW was beyond words. She cowered under her blankets and waited for the beast to come.

“David!” Jane hissed. The gore-filled horror movie flickered off the screen…and to a Spanish broadcast of the local news. “You can watch your stupid movie, but you have to turn it down! I bet the children are terrified!”

“Sorry dear,” David blushed, turning down the television before turning it back to the movie.

“Wow, that’s scary!” Emily gasped. “I’ve never had that happen at my house. And no one heard it?”

“Not even Kate!” DW exclaimed. “And since it stopped so quickly, I never told anyone about it. I’m only telling you so you can watch out. Monsters could be everywhere.”

“My sister checks under my bed every night and my mom checks my closet,” James nodded. “You should see if your parents will do that for you,” he offered. DW nodded, deciding to try it that night.

“Mom, can you and Daddy check my room for monsters?” DW asked with her cutest expression and most adorable tone of voice.

“Honey, there aren’t any monsters in your room,” Jane smiled, sitting beside her daughter on the bed. She wrapped her arms around DW as she shook her head, “No, there is a monster! I heard it and the growls shook the whole bed. And I wasn’t asleep when I heard it. I pinched myself to make sure.”

“Oh dear,” David blushed as his wife glared at him. “DW, I was watching a scary movie the other night, and I guess I had the volume up too loud. You did hear growling, but there are no such things as monsters.”

“Your father is telling the truth. I got him to turn it down thinking none of you had heard it yet. It seems I was wrong,” Jane smiled, kissing DW’s forehead. “Now that you know the truth, do you still want us to check?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” DW smiled, sinking under her covers. Her parents turned out the lights and left the room…

Just in time for Arthur to make the same request.


Theme 030: Beast

I completed this one-shot for a theme list challenge I’m doing with TheUltimateCombo (ff.net | WordPress) and others. I’ve completed the themes now, but feel free to take them on yourself. Let me know if you’d like more information


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