In The Beginning

Summary: Arthur has a crush, but it’s not your standard crush. He’s in love with a sweet, lovely smell coming from the hair of Elwood City High’s newest student, Jade West. He just doesn’t know it’s her scent. Can he connect the two, and if he can, does he have what it takes to become the boyfriend of beautiful Jade? Can also be found here

Part 1 of 3.

Smells Like Teen Crushes

Arthur was intoxicated. He wasn’t drinking; he was smelling a beautiful scent, a scent that filled his science class every morning. He dreamed about the scent, dreamed of flying through it like a beautiful bird. He had a crush on this scent, and he wondered every morning where it came from.

Jade West, a transfer student that had entered Elwood City High earlier in the year, placed her things on the work station in front of Arthur. He was laying across his own in a typical teenager’s lazy slouch. As the smell of her favorite shampoo filled the room, Arthur sat up as high as he could. As he did, his pencil flew off the desk, tapping Jade lightly in the small of her back.

“Oh, you must’ve dropped this,” she smiled, turning around and flooding the environment with her scent. Arthur was stunned with pleasure, his face contorted in a strange expression. Jade couldn’t help but smile gently, “Hey, you dropped this. Do you want it back?” she asked.

“He does,” Buster nodded sternly, flying into the situation before Arthur could make a complete fool of himself. “Hey, Earth to Arthur, wake up!”

“Here, just let him enjoy his nap,” Jade laughed, taking her seat as the bell rang.

“Dude, you almost messed that up!” Buster hissed into Arthur’s ear, plopping the pencil into his hand. “You’ve been staring at her for weeks, so I know you like her, but she’ll never like you if you keep acting like that.”

“Me, like Jade? Buster, you’re crazy. I love that smell. Can you smell it?” Arthur asked. Buster scoffed, “Yeah, it smells like gym shorts and Taco Tuesdays in here. What’s your point?”

Arthur shook his head, “You just don’t get it, Buster. That smell, that’s what I have a crush on,” he sighed.

“Alright, new partner assignments for the new week,” the teacher called, stepping away from the board. As she did, the list was revealed. Buster and Arthur, after four straight weeks of lab work, would be changing partners, and Arthur would be with Jade.

“Well, hey, did you enjoy your nap?” Jade asked. Arthur gave her a confused look. “You see a minute ago…never mind. I’m Jade, in case you didn’t know, and this is science class, biology to be exact. We’ll be working on…mitosis together,” she said in a slow voice, carefully studying the teacher’s handout. “Do you understand?”

“I’m not slow, I just…do you smell that?” Arthur asked. Jade gave him a confused look. “I know I’m not the only one. Just sniff! Please,” he pleaded.

Jade raised an eyebrow at him, her thoughts going, ‘Yay, I get to work with a huffer.’

“Look, I’m not crazy, okay? I just really like that…you know what? Just forget it. Forget I mentioned anything. Mitosis, sure, let’s get started,” he asked in a grumpy tone. Jade sighed; she didn’t mean to upset him, but if he was willing to work, she would start working…once she picked her fallen pen off the floor.

As she bent down, her hair flipped in Arthur’s face. The scent of her shampoo washed over him, and Arthur’s teen mind finally clicked: Jade’s hair had the scent. Buster was right: He did have a crush on Jade.

“Whoa, hey, stay upright,” Jade chuckled as Arthur nearly fell out of his chair. She pushed him over, touching his arm in the process. He got goosebumps over the lovely feeling. “Look, I think you need to go see the nurse. Whatever you’re smelling seems to be harming your brain.”

Arthur shook his head, his mind focusing in on the worksheet. It was hard, but he managed to get through the class without saying anything else. He couldn’t admit it was her after she’d given him such cutting glances. He’d have to keep quiet…and keep hoping she’d be on his side of the room so he could smell her lovely, amazing scent.

“I cannot believe how you acted today, Arthur. Jade is going to think you’re crazy!” Buster exclaimed as he tossed his backpack on the bed. “Seriously, you need to do better tomorrow. She’s going to know you have a crush on her.”

“How could she? I just now figured out it’s her,” Arthur said, sinking onto Buster’s desk chair. “How could I be so stupid? How did I not put two and two together until after we started working together?”

“Don’t beat yourself up about it buddy. I mean, I guess that happens to everyone. I wouldn’t know; my last crush was on The Sugar Bowl’s Flavor of the Month program. Hmm, September,” he moaned. Arthur scoffed, “I’m being serious here, Buster!”

Buster nodded, sitting down and looking his friend directly in the eye, “This isn’t the end of the world, but you need to change your ways. Make her think you were just having a bad day, then improve, and BAM!, you’ve got yourself a girlfriend. Just hurry, okay? You know other people like her. I’d like her if I wasn’t so attached to food.”

“What should I do? I go crazy when I smell that shampoo of hers,” Arthur pleaded. Buster shrugged, “I’d suggest getting a cold, but if you get the flu instead, the school will make you stay home. I think you should just get used to it. There’s a lot of smell I like, not like this one of course, but I see where you’re coming from. Just get used to it and be yourself. That’s what my mom always tells me even though it hasn’t worked yet,” Buster laughed.

Arthur nodded. He would try Buster’s plan to impress Jade by being himself…if he hadn’t already made her look the other way.

The next day, Arthur planned to dress his best and act himself in class so that Jade wouldn’t think he was crazy. He walked into class planning to put this plan into full action, but as soon as he smelled her amazing scent…he tripped and landed on top of their work station.

“Good morning to you too,” Jade laughed, moving over her things so he wouldn’t knock them into the floor. “Are you okay, by the way? You look a little flustered,” she noted as Arthur took his seat. He was red like a tomato, his heart pounded as he wondered what she was thinking. He then realized she’d asked a question, so he quickly answered her:

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine, just…tired,” he tried. Jade grinned, pulling out her lab notebook, “Well, you might want to get more sleep or something. Tripping can be a very dangerous thing, you know. Now, do you want to get an early start?” she asked, gesturing to the assignment on the board. Arthur shrugged, pulling out his things and looking over the assignment. He tried to decipher the words, but his mind was stuck on Jade.

“So, we need to work on defining mitosis, and…,” Jade paused, looking Arthur over. “Are you sure you’re okay? You didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

“I just tripped. I’ll be fine,” Arthur sighed. He noticed Jade was concerned for him, but he couldn’t tell if it was a friendly concern or if she was thinking bad things about him. He sank in his seat. Since he couldn’t decide, it must be bad.

“Arthur, it’s okay. We all do silly things sometimes. Hey, look at me,” Jade said, tapping his arm. Arthur got chills, but he got past them to look up at her. “My first day here, I tripped up the front steps in front of everyone. I wanted to go under the radar, get used to things before I started getting to know people, but…I had to be open because everyone wanted to help me. Binky Barnes picked up my books, Muffy Crosswire pulled me into a bathroom to help me fix my hair, and…no one made any ill comments about me. They were sympathetic because we all make mistakes. Don’t worry about tripping or being in love with a scent. You’re yourself, so just embrace it,” she smiled, patting his arm before looking back down to her lab notebook. She glanced back at him, quickly realizing there was more to it. “You look like you want to say something but you don’t know how.”

“That’s about right,” Arthur nodded. Jade smirked, “You can tell me anything, Arthur. I used to be a hider, taking to the corners rather than embracing my classmates. I’m not that person anymore. I want people to talk to me, to be friends with me. I consider you a friend, so you should give me the same attention. Speak, Arthur. Tell me everything.”

“I…I just can’t,” he sighed, putting his head on the desk. Jade blushed slightly, “Oh, I get it. We…we should talk after class. Here, take my number. Text me after school and tell me where you want to meet. Just a note: The Sugar Bowl is my favorite place in Elwood City,” she smiled, sliding a slip of paper to him. Arthur took it, looked at it, and placed it in his pocket. Jade smiled, “Now, mitosis. What is it?”

Arthur embraced the school work, doing his best to work with Jade as best he could. The lesson went well, and Arthur felt himself looking forward to his later meeting with Jade. He didn’t know what exactly she wanted to discuss, but he hoped he could finally come clean to her.

The Sugar Bowl was fairly crowded when Arthur arrived. Jade was at the counter, saving a seat with her backpack as she sipped a Flavor of the Month milkshake (August-Birthday Bliss). Arthur walked up and Jade smiled, moving her backpack and patting the seat.

“I’m glad you came,” Jade smiled, sipping her milkshake as the owner approached. Arthur ordered a chocolate milkshake for himself and a plate of fries for them to share. He shifted in his seat, trying to get comfortable. But suddenly, after years of never having this problem, he couldn’t find the stool’s sweet spot.

“Order up,” the owner smiled, sliding Arthur his things. Jade immediately picked up a fry and dipped it into her milkshake, something Arthur didn’t like but Buster did often.

“Wow, most people give me ‘the look’ when I do that. Do you like it?” she asked. He shook his head, and Jade nodded before smiling, “Wait, Buster does that, doesn’t he?” she asked. Arthur nodded. “I saw him do it one day and decided to try it. He has good taste…sometimes,” she said, smiling slightly as Arthur sipped his milkshake.

“You wanted to talk to me about something?” Arthur asked after a few moments. Jade nodded, twisting towards him, “I…I noticed you wanted to tell me something. I wanted you to try a different environment, somewhere not as pressing.”

“This does help, but it’s a little loud in here,” Arthur said, noticing all the people around having loud conversations. Jade looked around too and nodded in agreement, “Well, let’s finish here and go for a little walk to the park or something.”

Arthur agreed, and a few minutes later, they were trying to find a shaded bench in the park. They found one near a playground overlooking some playing youngsters. Arthur watched as some kids he recognized, Kate’s classmates, played on monkey bars.

“So, is this better?” Jade asked. Arthur nodded slightly. “Still nervous?” she asked, laughing lightly as he nodded, “Well, you have nothing to be afraid of, Arthur Read. You can tell me anything.”

“I just…,” Arthur paused, taking a deep breath. “I…I have a crush, but I guess it isn’t really a smell. Well, it’s a lovely scent, but-”

“I get it,” Jade whispered. “Arthur, I… Do you have a crush on me?” she asked. Arthur nodded gently. Jade smiled, blushing slightly, “I wondered if you would say that. I…I was thinking you had something else to say, actually.”

“Something else? Well, um…”

“I thought you would tell me Buster had a crush on me,” Jade giggled. “It’s fine, Arthur. I like what you said better. I realize I have a lot in common with Buster, but you? You’re more my type. You’re quiet, sympathetic, and sensitive. I’m sorry you’ve had a rough few days trying to tell me that,” she smiled, taking Arthur’s hand. “Now that you’ve told me, do you want anything from me?”

“I, uh…,” Arthur stammered, turning red again.

Jade laughed happily, “Arthur, why don’t we just spend more time together? Tomorrow night, I’m going to see a movie with some friends. You and Buster should join us, and…it’s not a chick flick, so you don’t have to worry about any of that gooey romantic stuff. As for now, I’d appreciate it if you helped me walk home. I’ve never been to this part of the park before, so I’m not really sure how to get back.”

Arthur didn’t mind walking her home, and on his way back to his house, he decided to stop by Buster’s house to let him know about the movie. Arthur was excited about just that one thing, but Buster? He was happy for his friend finally confessing his love.

“Well I just told her I had a crush on her. It’s not like she’s my gir…girl…girlfriend,” he stuttered. Buster howled with laughter, “He doesn’t even know how to say it right! Arthur, you need to just man up and learn to say what you want.”

“I don’t see you doing anything like this! It’s hard!” Arthur hissed.

“Hey, hey, I know. I just don’t like anyone yet. I’m still hung up on ice cream and comic books and cartoons on Saturday mornings. I like my single boy life. I’ll like a girl eventually or something. Come on, we’ll go to the movie and you can try it then.”

Arthur shrugged and decided to leave. He was beginning to wonder why he decided to tell Buster in the first place, but maybe he did need a kick in the rear to make things official. Maybe he was ready to go beyond crushes…and into dating.

A/N: Jade is the property of TheUltimateCombo. I have used her with his permission in this piece, an answer to his challenge to create a fanfic with the pairing Arthur x Jade. There are 3 parts (Smells Like Teen Crushes, The Dating Game, and The Ultimate Decision), and I hope you all enjoy them.

If you have any questions about Jade, please contact TheUltimateCombo.

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So, this is my way of getting Arthur and Jade together. This is the first part of 3. Coming up next, The Dating Game. Can Arthur win Jade’s love despite his crush’s strange origins? Will another suitor try to take Jade from him? Find out in Part 2: The Dating Game, coming soon.



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