[Written April 22]

I have work to do today, thankfully, but in order to ration the pages of said work, I’m going to work on a little entry for you guys here on this semi-lovely Friday (weather is sketchy and Prince is dead. What a lovely day). So, I want to give a little preview of what I plan to do on ff.net now that I’ve returned. I’m also adding a preview for my upcoming WordPress articles.

I want to continue reporting, through the site’s support system and via email, the authors and stories that plague the fandom. I continue to get PM’s from people who are desperate to get rid of Travis completely. I tell them how I feel–now that he’s rating his stories M and not cluttering the front page as much, I’m more inclined to not care because I’m not being pushed down and neither are the other good stories. But Travis pushed that little red button of mine that you’re not ever supposed to push, so I’ll continue my crusade against him. Just because his stories aren’t taking over doesn’t mean that I’ve decided they’re okay now. I, too, want them gone, and I intend to continue my reporting efforts.

I have so many pieces that would be considered New that I have to post. Many are one-shots for my theme list responses, but I also have several NaNo2015 projects (I think 20 in total, maybe more) that I might post. I have some older unfinished pieces I’m going to post for the hell of it, be it here on WordPress, on ff.net, or both. I’ve talked about some of them, so I just really want to get them out there, even that really mature one I wrote a long ways back (summer 2012, before I entered the fandom for real). I also have quite a few pieces to update, and I doubt I can remember them all so feel free to help me out.

Some specific previews:

NaNo2015 Pieces:
• “The Aardvark Dimension” (crossover with Star Vs. The Forces of Evil): Star and Marco wind up in Elwood City after adventuring with their dimensional scissors, but they’re soon stuck after the Tibble twins klepto the scissors for their own fun. While the story revolves around Star, Marco, and their lovely host Mrs. MacGrady, there are appearances by other SVTFOE characters, specifically Ludo and his little army. I’ve already started posting this piece on deviantArt, but I don’t remember posting it on ff.net, and I haven’t finished posting it on any platform.
• “Circle of Jealousy”: A one-shot that I believe is already here on WordPress?? I don’t even remember what that one is about tbh. I guess we’ll find out together:D
• “Storybook”: A chaptered piece with 5 chapters, completed, and other than what my spreadsheet has, I have no idea what this is about. If I recall it’s a failed romance or something. Man, I should really have a spot for a short summary on my word count spreadsheet to make these things easier…
• “Helpless”: A short one-shot again with no summary because I don’t remember it.
• “Kate’s First Date”: I do remember this one-shot. Kate goes on her first date^~^ I know I sound like I’m BS-ing you so I’ll elaborate further–we get to see her first date from David’s point of view. This is a fun piece, and I believe I’ve posted it on here already but don’t hold me to that.
• “Persecution”: Another one-shot, a longer one-shot (almost 3k words), that again has no summary because my memory sucks
• “The Nanny”: An incomplete longer piece that resembles a Lifetime movie: An unhappily-married Binky ends up falling for the nanny he and his wife hire to help around the house and to take care of the children. I intend to finish this one myself eventually, so I’ll start posting chapters soon.
• “How it used to be”: I don’t remember this one-shot, but I’ll post it when I can;)
• “Prayers and Sacrifice”: This is a longer piece, completed this time, with 6 chapters and no real summary. I believe the piece has religious connotations and revolves around Fern, but don’t hold me to that.
• “Shelves”: A short one-shot for megan’s slice of life series that again has no summary, but I’m sure it has to do with a library:D
• “Returning Home”: Another slice of life one-shot with no summary
• “Don’t Call the Teacher Mom”: Oh, this one I remember:D Bitzi Baxter starts working at Elwood City High, which of course embarrasses her son. This is a one-shot I remember posting somewhere, but if I haven’t posted it yet, you’ll be seeing it soon.
• “Stormy Nights”: Another one-shot I can’t remember anything about
• “Burning Bridges”: Same as above
• “Recovery”: Same
• “Orphan Yellow”: A one-shot with an Orphanage AU that I think I’ve posted here already but I’m not sure.
• “Clarissa”: A We Bare Bears fanfic where a girl begins living with them. It’s mostly unfinished but I intended to pair her up with Ice Bear. I want to finish it later so I’ll start posting it soon.
• “After Dark”: Another one-shot I can’t remember

Other 2015 business:
• “A Day In The Life”: A one-shot series with various characters and moments within. I think I have 10 so far, and I’ll gradually start posting them soon. You guys can add to this series, by the way:)
• “When the Wild Wind Blows”: This is that hurricane response piece I started then let collect dust. I have enough to start posting it on ff.net in slow intervals, but I have no idea when I’ll actually be able to finish it.
• Various one-shots I don’t remember. Titles include: “Swing Swang Swung”, “A Way Out,” and “Crisis.”
• Other longer pieces I don’t remember. Titles include: “Shamed,” “Attacked,” and “The Great Glitterball Mystery.”

Other Updates:
• Drabble series updates. I think all of them are only about a quarter of the way posted, so expect updates there. I’ll also be posting them in full here on WordPress. I believe “Marigold Summer” is already here.
• Naomi’s World Trilogy completion. Not only have I not fully posted this trilogy on WordPress, but the final story probably isn’t posted on ff.net at all (I know I finished “Arthur’s Baby Problem,” but there’s a 3rd piece in the series). I’ll get on that soon.
• Sophomore Sorrows: I still have interested readers here despite how long it’s taken me to get this thing rolling. Expect regular updates until I can FINALLY get this thing finished.
• Any longer piece that’s been completed on my end but I haven’t posted all the way yet (I assume there are several). Also, any and all one-shots I’ve completely forgotten about.

New/Old Pieces
• “Behind The Times”: I’ve finally started posting the first couple of chapters here and on deviantArt, and you guys seem to love it. As long as y’all remember that it’s not finished and that I have another big project so I doubt it’ll get touched at all this year, I’ll post it for you.
• “The Summer Before High School”: This is that mythical M-rated “masterpiece” from Summer 2012 that I’ve kept locked away on my OneNote for ages now. It’s time to post it, but just know I was really horny that summer (that was when I fell for Keith all those years ago) and I may’ve gotten a little heavy-handed on the smut. But I want to post it so I’ll start it soon.
• I have a high school reunion piece I started but never finished. It really contributes to some of the discussions I’ve started and want to post, so I’ll probably post it soon despite its “Indefinitely Incomplete” status.
• “Soap”: This is something new I started back in January but never posted because of our little boycott. Basically it’s a series you all will help me write, so once I think I have enough of a following, I’ll post the first chapter here and on ff.net. Then I’ll add the next chapter once you tell me what to do.
• “Choose”: I already started posting this here, but I can’t wait to add it to ff.net. Basically it’s a 3-part series where young lovers must make tough decisions. In the first part, Francine must decide what to do about Arthur, who rarely talks to her on account of his childish hobbies. In the second part, Arthur must deal with his single life, and he may or may not find love again [I’m not just baiting you up. I seriously don’t remember], and in the third part, Sue Ellen has issues with her sexuality, or at least that’s what I wanted to do. I don’t remember what actually happened^^ Expect regular updates once this is posted, and I may add more parts in the distant future if I get inspired.
• “Time Stopped (but the seasons kept changing)”: God I love this piece:D It’s a chaptered piece, 9 chapters total, and it’s a fantasy piece. I wish I had it with my to do a better summary, but know that I love this and can’t wait to start posting.
• “Nine Month Sentence”: I believe this is a piece I continued from 2015, but since I forgot to log in my words, all 5 chapters got logged this year:D Basically Mrs. Walters (I think it was her…) gets pregnant after a one-night-stand, but because she had relations with her husband around the same time, she doesn’t know who the father could be. The stress and torment eventually pushes her too far. I’m pretty sure I killed her off, but if I recall–well, you’ll find out when I post:D I’ll probably mass-post all 5 chapters but we’ll see.
• “678”: This is a one-shot series that I’ve mentioned on here. I have several already completed, but I have several pending ideas that will be shaped by my poll results (once they get more traffic and I have time to work on the pieces).
• “Cherry Wood”: An incomplete ArCine thing where Arthur, Francine and their kids, plus Buster and his kid, living in a subdivision outside of Elwood City together. I don’t remember much about this unfinished dust collector, but I know that Francine is disgruntled about her job and Arthur isn’t helping much, but I don’t remember much else.
• “Not Done Yet”: Chapter 1 is up with traffic right now, and I’m currently working on Chapter 10 of the piece. Expect more as this piece moves on. I use the T rating to the fullest extent with some profanity and a lot of adult situations, but I know you guys are going to love this piece.
• One-shots (these are from my 2016 list so they’re new, but some have already been posted here): “Sinister Dreams,” “Extortion,” “Metropolis,” “The Start of Something,” “First Crush,” “Maria Can’t Win” (not finished, won’t be posted yet), plus more I’m sure.
• Possibly some other long pieces I’ve forgotten about:)

Here are some previews for my upcoming WordPress articles:

• Pairing discussion series: I have 2 more editions thanks to all this time I’ve had. The 3rd edition discusses the following pairings: Muffy x Brain, Muffy x Binky, Grandma Thora x woman, Ladonna x George, Molly x Arthur, Mei-Lin x James, and Fern x George. The 4th edition discusses the following pairings: Rattles x Sue Ellen, George x Francine, Miss Morgan x Mr. Ratburn, Emily x Tibble, Prunella x Brain, Bitzi x Bo, Slink x Fern, and Slink x Sue Ellen. As you can see, I got quite bored, but hopefully we can get ideas from these discussions.
• Speculation series: I don’t think I’ve posted any of these yet. Basically I speculate about how various Arthur characters are beyond what we see, aka How will Mei-Lin be when she grows up? or What was Thora’s life like before? There are 3 editions and a side series, which I’ll discuss next. My 1st edition covers the following characters: Mei Lin Barnes, DW Read, Buster Baxter, Marina Datillo, and BONUS: Grandma Thora. My 2nd edition discusses the following characters: George’s Sister, Muffy Crosswire, Sue Ellen Armstrong, Kate Read, and BONUS: Bitzi Baxter. My 3rd edition is a special issue that discusses where the characters will end up later on, both the kids and their parents.
• Speculation: Career Edition: I have 4 of these that discuss the career possibilities for various characters. I won’t give you a listed preview here, but know that I feel that I cover all of the kids, both Arthur’s generation and DW’s generation.
• Reading Club: I want to, well, create a reading club for us, so I’ve written a piece discussing what I’d like to get from it. When this comes out, please respond if you want to participate because it’s gotten little traffic on deviantArt so far.
• Drama in the Fandom: This is about how we writers handle the genre of drama, not actually drama between writers in the fandom. It’s interesting, so I hope you guys give it a look.
• Stopping Writer’s Block: A short entry about how you guys can stop writer’s block with some simple tips. This has a sequel about the pieces I have available for anyone wanting to adopt something from me.
• Carl’s Father: I had a realization about Carl’s father about a week ago, and I can’t wait to share it with you.
• Binky the Mob Boss: A discussion of Binky’s mob-like portrayal in the new cookies episode.
• If you could ban an episode…: I pick an episode that I’d love to see banned and discuss why, and I encourage you all to do the same.
• The Posting Game: I’m thinking of starting a little points-based posting game with other writers in the Arthur fandom. I laid out the groundwork for it in this article. [Note: I exclude myself because I obviously have plenty to post. I just need to post it. I also include ways to play without writing and posting, and while I’ve gone back and forth on whether or not I’ll put this up, I think I will to see what you all think]

I think this about covers it, and I killed 40 minutes. I might add more to this list as it comes to me, but I think that about covers it.

Summary: Expect me to update old pieces and post new pieces over the coming weeks.


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