Mass posting on later

I will be updating as many pieces as I can on this afternoon. I’m putting this here because I really need to drum up support on my pieces. No one is reviewing or commenting and yeah, it is a bit if a numbers game right now. Travis, as per always, has new pieces and instant reviews from his puppets. It’s complete and total BS that none of us get the same attention. So maybe I need to do some promoting and see what happens. username: DarkAngelSnapeLover

Tl;dr: I’ll be updating later so get ready, and please support your fellow writers.

Managing Multiple Projects

As a chronic unfinisher, I understand there are multiple things that can keep me from finishing a project. While some just die off on their own for whatever reason, be it lack of time spent on the project or a lack of direction, other projects get the giatine. For me, that slice of death is usually because I find something else more interesting to work on, and this is a problem I battle constantly.

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