My Summer Challenge

Because doing a million words in a year just isn’t enough for me, I’m going to take on a second challenge to get me through these summer months. What is it? Well, I’m going to write 100 one-shots, and I’d love for you all to join me.

So I wrote this on my desktop at home, but May is slowly slipping away, so I’m going to try my best to rehash what I wrote a few days ago. Basically the point of this challenge is simple, to set a writing goal for the summer (I consider May through August to be summer despite Georgia’s summer lasting somewhere between April and October, give or take a few set-back weeks). I’ve decided on 100 one-shots because I’ve got some big projects going (well one, Not Done Yet, which is far from being finished), but I’d like to work on other things on the side.

My personal rules for these one-shots:

  • Each must be at least 1000 words
  • No serieses! Two-shots are acceptable but nothing longer than that
  • I should try to use a theme or challenge for each one (flexible)
  • I should have fun writing each one

As I’ve already started, I have 4 at the moment, but I’ll need 25 per month to reach my goal. I consider this to be challenging but feasible, and I’d love for you all to join me–not in writing 100 one-shots necessarily but another summer challenge.


  • Finish all (or just most) of your unfinished project
  • Rewrite an old piece you’ve been dying to revamp

And that’s all I’ve got. But I’m trying because I want to buddy up so we can track each other’s progress and encourage each other (as well as exchange ideas). Let me know in the comments what your summer plans are, and I’ll start posting my one-shots here and on soon so keep your eye out (well, half of them are currently hand-written, so I’ll have to type them first, and we all know how that goes…).

Tl;dr: I’m going to write 100 one-shots this summer. Tell me about your summer challenges in the comments so we can buddy up.


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