Through The Storm

Summary: A storm of epic proportions is building in the Midwest and tearing eastward. As Lakewood’s third grade class heads to camp, this epic monstrosity comes barreling towards their home. Can anyone survive? Can also be found here on


The mood of the camp was summed up in one word: Bummed. The kids were annoyed to wake up and discover their one and only late-night astronomy lesson was canceled due to impending rain. Kids grumbled and mumbled about not ever having any fun, so the adults met during activities to decide what to do.

“I think we should let them play in the rain right here in the center of camp. We could turn on the lights and have them go out in their swim clothes. If lightning comes, we’ll just call it a night. A little rain shouldn’t stop us,” Principal Haney suggested.

“We wouldn’t have to participate, would we?” School Board member Jonathon Weeks asked with a scowl.

Miss Sweetwater laughed, “A little water won’t hurt you either, Jon. I saw we go for it, and I would love to join them,” she said, turning to Mr. Ratburn, “Nigel, you’re the last vote. There’s two for, one against. What’s your call?”

“I see no problem with it either,” he said, surprised at himself. He was actually looking forward to donning his swim outfit, a white tank top and green Bermuda shorts.

The counselors liked the idea and decided to tell the kids over lunch. They helped guide the students through their last activities, then they moved everyone into the mess hall to serve food. Once everyone had a hot dog, bag of chips (plain, barbecue, and sour cream and onion, kid’s choice), and a piece of fruit (apple or banana, oranges for the lucky few at the front of the line), they took their seats at their designated tables. Juice pouches were passed around from counselors, who were instructed to look as solemn as possible.

Once lunch was over, they asked the students to sit in front of a small stage. They were going to have a story hour before bed at this spot because of the rain, so the kids weren’t eager to sit here. Even Brain grumbled as he sat cross-legged between Alex and Arthur. He wanted to have fun and learn at the same time, and astronomy would’ve done that. Now the rain cancelled that with no plans to make up the evening. He was disappointed…and he was the only child to remain disappointed after the announcement was made.

As soon as the news came from the director’s lips, cheers sounded. They were actually being allowed to play in the rain, to go outside, at night, and play as the fat drops fell from the sky and soaked everything. It was going to be cold, and students were encouraged to stay inside if they felt they’d get sick, an offer no one would take, because even Brain had to admit that there was some joy to be had playing in the rain.


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