Preview for Future Projects

The following is just a preview of some of my upcoming projects on and deviantArt.

So, I’ve jumped fully back into the Arthur fandom despite the fact that our resident enemy is still there and still doing his usual stuff. My goal is to get back to normal, which is basically me writing however much I want and posting as often as I like because I’m me. Like Travis, I am a bit of a machine. The difference is I’m run by a person, not a robot, so I plan on delving into other topics. This post is my way of showing my followers what kind of new projects to expect from me.

New Collab Projects
Before we all abandoned ship, I had several collaboration projects up and running. These include:

  • School Days: stories about characters who are experiencing school at any level, from pre-school up to graduate-level universities
  • Crushed Hearts: stories about characters with intense crushes that don’t always lead to relationships
  • Majoring In Love: a college-set version of Crushed Hearts where characters find love while at university
  • Slice of Life: created by megan, aka blackneko20, these are stories showcasing every day moments in the character’s lives

Now I’m coming up with another collaboration series to hopefully get more people involved in the fandom:

At the Mall
In this collaboration series, we’ve developed an overall premise. Ed Crosswire owns a mall local to Elwood City, and the people of Elwood City go there to hang out, buy items for each other, or work. Many of the kids from Muffy’s generation use her to get jobs there, and that’s what the first stories are about.

You can find the premise article here on deviantArt, and the first story for At The Mall, “Spending Money“, can be found on

Also, there is a community featuring each project on called “Arthur Collab Stories,” and it also includes posts with my Infinite Themes, which I’ve since updated. The full list can be found here on deviantArt. Also, there is a group on deviantArt for these collaborations that also include OC artwork. You can find this group here.

If you have any ideas for future collaboration efforts, please let me know.

New Longer Pieces
Switching gears, I’m also working on developing some larger pieces. Think “Sophomore Sorrows” but on a longer time scale. I’m going to take a soap opera model and use it to go as long as possible. I’ll admit this is mostly to show our robotic friend that it’s possible to write longer pieces with short chapters that actually make sense and stay on topic.

Here is a list of the stories fitting this premise:

  • The Apartment: Sue Ellen, Fern, and Jenna are college students. Rather than live in the dorms for the rest of their time at Met U (Metropolis University), the three team up to get an apartment together. Things start off fine, but tension soon builds as the ladies deal with life. Work in progress, still working on formatting as well. Expected publishing date: April
  • Days Past: Idea and title from TheUltimateCombo. Arthur, Buster, Francine, and Muffy end up living in a new luxury subdivision together now that they’re successful enough to own their own house. The problem? Things happened in the past that caused a mega falling out. Will the four come together and be friendly again, or will they stop at nothing to get everyone else out? Work in progress, waiting on more info from TUC. Expected publishing date: Late April
  • At Thirty: A Slice of Life series where the characters from Arthur’s generation write an open entry about their lives as they turn thirty years old. Work in Progress. Expected publishing date: April
  • Senior Year: Arthur’s generation struggles as they reach their senior year. Can they make it to graduation unscathed? Stalled work in progress, working on pushing through but struggling. Part 1 available here, publishing date Unknown

I’m also updating my Disasters series on again, as well as everything else I threw to the side when I left. Please check out my profile to see these pieces, and be sure to let me know if there’s something I’ve left untouched that needs attention.

Links will be added when I post these.

On another note, here is a feature of other writers who have returned to and started posting/updated again. Please show them some love and support because we all have doubts about coming back again.

blackneko20, aka megan
Her newest project is “high times” where Arthur’s generation works through severe addictions with the help of the Tough Customers, who have grown up to be addiction counselors. This is an incomplete work in progress, but you can find the first few chapters in the link above.

dm7111722, aka DM#’s
His latest post was an update to “Virgule Watteau: War Detective“. DM#’s is a busy college study so expect sporadic updates to this and his other stories (fandoms include: Power Rangers, Pokemon, Digmon, and more).

I’m also trying to review any new stories to let people know we’re still as supportive as we once were. And to keep things peaceful, I’ve blocked anyone that has anything to do with Travis just in case he tries to start something with me again (see Outbreak). I’ve stopped reporting him however because we’ve been ignored, but if you would like to report Travis, please remember he also has older chat speak/script formatted stories along with his smut/child porn pieces from recent posts. I’ve reported them as well with limited success, but maybe one of you will have better luck.

Thank you for reading this, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please let me know.

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