By The Sea teaser

Summary: Francine thinks she has her life figured out. She’s going to marry her fiancé, and like in all the fairy tales, she’s going to live happily ever after. Except he dumps her, on her wedding day, and now the only thing she can do is keep moving forward. Her journey keeps taking her to warm sands and beautiful waters, but can she find love there? For my Summer of Love series. Full piece can be found here on AO3.

Part 1: The Honeymoon

Chapter 1

Francine was letting her hairdresser work her magic. She’d hired the woman on a whim, but also because a friend of hers used the woman for her wedding and her hair looked like something out of a fairytale. She needed no instruction other than her style needed to accommodate her veil, which the woman said she could do in a very thick accent before getting to work. Francine watched in the mirror as her hair transformed, at least until the woman turned her chair.

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The Chronicles of Freaky Friday teaser

The Chronicles of Freaky Friday

Summary: Arthur Read is now 25 and desperate for work post-college. Principal Haney sets him up at a private school, and Arthur shamefully moves back home to take work at the school. His students are troubled and need his guidance, but he needs them just as much as they adjust to life.

A/N: This is a next gen piece where Arthur is 25 years old. I’ve rated this piece T for adult language and possible adult content in later chapters. Also this piece is very Arthur-centric and most of the cast are OC’s. This piece was written for NaNo 2017. PM me for more info


Moving back home was probably the most humiliating thing I’d ever decided to do. I was already pretty bummed about taking six years for my undergrad just to get rejected for my Master’s program, and then I ended up back in Elwood City, back in my childhood bedroom. Well, I guess it became DW’s room when I left because the walls are purple now and half the boxes are from her various girl phases. It’s barely home anymore, and it’s definitely not where I wanted to be.

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At First Sight

Nigel was pouring his second coffee of the morning when she walked in. Principal Haney led her to the center of the teacher’s lounge, his presence alone silencing the room. When Nigel had finished pouring his cup and had completely turned around, Principal Haney began his introduction:

“Everyone, this is Melanie Fuller. She’ll be joining our team as the new art teacher, well, substitute art teacher while…well you all know,” Principal Haney smiled, gesturing to Melanie, “We want to welcome you to the team, Melanie, and if you need anything, anything at all, let us know right away.”

“Oh, I will,” Melanie replied with a southern accent. Nigel felt himself swoon, a feeling he hadn’t felt in ages, probably since he was back in grade school. Crushes weren’t part of his vocabulary and they never had been, something he was almost proud of. No crush had ever gotten in the way of him moving up in the world, yet here he stood, swooning over a new teacher that was probably half his age.

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Birdwell High Chapter 1 (teaser)

Summary: Emily Elizabeth and Jetta became best friends over the years, but they didn’t start out that way. In fact, because of Jetta’s relentless bullying, they ended up becoming enemies. Jetta turned on Emily Elizabeth in middle school, and high school changed nothing. In fact, things have reached a climax now that Emily Elizabeth has missed the first day of school to deal with a death in the family. When the student body sides with her and turns against Jetta, something must be done to keep the situation from becoming more volatile. Can they reconcile their differences? Warning, major character death. Rated K+ due to some adult language/content.

Chapter 1

**Warning, character death**

Emily Elizabeth looked up as a football sailed overhead and flew across the long sidewalk between the road and the school. She had no idea who threw it or who caught it, but she was worried about other things. It was the second day of school and she was nervous, namely because this was really her first day of school for the year. She couldn’t be there on the first day because of Clifford, her big red dog that everyone knew and loved. He’d been sick for a long time, but when Emily Elizabeth went to check on him that morning, and to show him her new outfit for school, he’d barely looked at her.

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Animal Matchmaking

Summary: Francine has had a crush for a while on a particular classmate. When she keeps putting off reasons to tell him, a particular feline decides to take matters into his own paws. Will Nemo be successful?

Francine was attempted to do homework when Nemo bounded into the room. He dropped a leaf onto her page before strutting around her bed. Francine scoffed at her crazy kitten as he kneaded the corner of her mattress.

“Yes, yes, you did good, Nemo, but I’m trying to study,” Francine said, tossing his leaf onto the floor. Nemo went straight from ‘loving fluff ball’ to ‘ninja-in-training’, diving on the leaf and chasing it into the hallway, nearly knocking Catherine over on the way out.

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Life-Long Crush

Summary: Arthur’s heart was always meant for one girl. Throughout his life he pines for her, but the two never end up together. How can he live with such a life-long crush?

Arthur was playing outside with his preschool class. Francine and Fern were nearby on the blacktop, trying to put together a game of hopscotch. Arthur and Buster were drawing an alien landscape nearby with their own chalk, their conversation simple as they colored in their wobbly lines.

“I need these!” Francine said firmly, stomping up to the boys. Before they could protest, their box of chalk was across the blacktop, finishing the top of the hopscotch board while Fern colored nearby.

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Molly’s First Day

Summary: Molly gets her first job at a store that sells computer games, except she used Ed Crosswire’s help to get the job and knew nothing about what she was doing. How will her first customer react to her cluelessness?

I learned a lot of things my first day on the job. It was a small shop that sold computer accessories and software mostly, but I knew I could wing it in most situations, especially once I got some training. What I didn’t know was that getting a job through Muffy and her father meant I likely wouldn’t receive much training because of how much he would over sell my skills. This led to problems, but again, I learned quite a bit.

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Spending Money

Summary: When Sue Ellen wants a new book series, she decides she needs to get a job to pay for it. Her first attempts fall flat, but Ed Crosswire has ties to the local mall. Will Ed and his daughter Muffy be able to help her? One-shot. Written for my collab series “At The Mall” using a theme from my Infinite Theme List Challenge.

Sue Ellen wasn’t usually one to take advantage of people, but when she found a new series of books she just had to own, plus all the other amazing things the internet had to offer, she knew she needed to get her hands on more cash. Now that she was fifteen, her allowance had stopped because her parents would rather her have a job. Sue Ellen didn’t know what kind of job she was supposed to get, but she did know that Muffy was offering her classmates jobs at the new mall complex, all thanks to Ed Crosswire.

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Making A Comeback

After far too much time away from posting, I’m ready to begin putting my work out there again. The last few years have been long and tough. I’ve experienced many changes in my life, and my lack of internet access at home meant I practically had to abandon most of my pages. Some were by choice. Leaving was the best thing I could do for my mental health at the time, and this is a decision I’m continuing to make as long as the admins remain silent on key problems in the community. deviantArt still lacks the features long form writers need, so I’ve decided to resume posting here on my WordPress site. I also have an AO3 account, which I will begin posting to as well.

So, what does my backlog include? Well, I never really stopped writing despite being away so a little bit of everything, including work for other fandoms. I stopped posting here in 2017, but in 2018 I attempted another year of 1 million words. I achieved this goal again, so there is plenty for me to post from that. I’m working on getting all of this together, which is why there will still be some delays. I just had some time to myself and figured I would put myself out there again. I know I’m building from nothing, that I won’t get the views here that I would on even some smaller fanfic hosting sites, but it’s better that way. I want to focus on the content, not the nonsense, and really get back to what I love. It’ll be slow going, but something is better than nothing. I’m ready to be back.

Trying Something New

I’ve decided to try a new theme. I’ve considered doing this for a while but just now got the time to do it. Feel free to tell me what you think.

Also, I’ll be adding updates here eventually. I’m currently more active on my page and deviantArt, so be sure to head over there for faster uploading. Let me know if you need the links.