Preview for Future Projects

The following is just a preview of some of my upcoming projects on and deviantArt.

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Reader-Driven Project on

So I want to do a reader-driven, soap-opera style project over on to drum up participation in the fandom. I’ve posted these questions elsewhere but I decided to do a poll-style series with buttons, so here I am. If you’re interested, please answer the questions below, and feel free to comment with any questions, suggestions, etc.

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Retaliation Pieces: A Discussion

While the Arthur fandom used to be one of those quiet places where kittens and rainbows roamed without care, it’s lately become a minefield of child-porn-esque pieces and Drama. Call-out pieces and retaliation pieces are becoming more common as the war gets dirtier, so I figured I should discuss my thoughts on the pieces. In summary: I like them, but you have to know what you’re doing.

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[Written April 22]

I have work to do today, thankfully, but in order to ration the pages of said work, I’m going to work on a little entry for you guys here on this semi-lovely Friday (weather is sketchy and Prince is dead. What a lovely day). So, I want to give a little preview of what I plan to do on now that I’ve returned. I’m also adding a preview for my upcoming WordPress articles.

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Pairing Discussion 2

Well my last pairing discussion had hits and misses for some of you, but I expected that when I decided to write about some of the fandom’s most-used pairings (and pairings I should use more for various reasons). This time around I want to discuss the oddballs, longshots, and just HUH? pairings to see what you all think.

Pairings Discussed:

  • Arthur x Marina (with some Buster x Marina insights)
  • Francine x Muffy
  • Sue Ellen x Fern
  • Binky x Boy
  • Arthur x Buster
  • Bitzi x Teacher
  • Pal x Killer
  • DW x Tibble/ Emily x Tibble
  • Ladonna x Arthur
  • Brain x Lydia

Warnings: Some language and sexual talk; PG-13/T rated discussion. Note that some pairings are slash/femslash.

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Preview: Not Done Yet

My comeback project for is called “Not Done Yet,” and it showcases the powerful women of Elwood City as they deal with various issues. In this discussion, I’m going to lay out the piece so you all will know what to expect. Expected post date: Soon.

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