By The Sea teaser

Summary: Francine thinks she has her life figured out. She’s going to marry her fiancé, and like in all the fairy tales, she’s going to live happily ever after. Except he dumps her, on her wedding day, and now the only thing she can do is keep moving forward. Her journey keeps taking her to warm sands and beautiful waters, but can she find love there? For my Summer of Love series. Full piece can be found here on AO3.

Part 1: The Honeymoon

Chapter 1

Francine was letting her hairdresser work her magic. She’d hired the woman on a whim, but also because a friend of hers used the woman for her wedding and her hair looked like something out of a fairytale. She needed no instruction other than her style needed to accommodate her veil, which the woman said she could do in a very thick accent before getting to work. Francine watched in the mirror as her hair transformed, at least until the woman turned her chair.

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The Chronicles of Freaky Friday teaser

The Chronicles of Freaky Friday

Summary: Arthur Read is now 25 and desperate for work post-college. Principal Haney sets him up at a private school, and Arthur shamefully moves back home to take work at the school. His students are troubled and need his guidance, but he needs them just as much as they adjust to life.

A/N: This is a next gen piece where Arthur is 25 years old. I’ve rated this piece T for adult language and possible adult content in later chapters. Also this piece is very Arthur-centric and most of the cast are OC’s. This piece was written for NaNo 2017. PM me for more info


Moving back home was probably the most humiliating thing I’d ever decided to do. I was already pretty bummed about taking six years for my undergrad just to get rejected for my Master’s program, and then I ended up back in Elwood City, back in my childhood bedroom. Well, I guess it became DW’s room when I left because the walls are purple now and half the boxes are from her various girl phases. It’s barely home anymore, and it’s definitely not where I wanted to be.

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Life-Long Crush

Summary: Arthur’s heart was always meant for one girl. Throughout his life he pines for her, but the two never end up together. How can he live with such a life-long crush?

Arthur was playing outside with his preschool class. Francine and Fern were nearby on the blacktop, trying to put together a game of hopscotch. Arthur and Buster were drawing an alien landscape nearby with their own chalk, their conversation simple as they colored in their wobbly lines.

“I need these!” Francine said firmly, stomping up to the boys. Before they could protest, their box of chalk was across the blacktop, finishing the top of the hopscotch board while Fern colored nearby.

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Southern Weather

Summary: Ladonna is used as an example when a project about seasons gets out of hand. Can also be found on deviantArt and

Mr. Ratburn’s class was doing a special unit on weather. It was mid October at that crucial time where the weather could do anything in Elwood City. Seasons were definitely changing, so some days were more like summer, others like fall, and there were a few in the forecast that were most like winter. In order to show his students the mechanics behind weather, he needed to ease them into it, so he chose to do a seasons poster.

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Summary: When a huge earthquake hits out west, the world learns that Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano is set to erupt within days. Soon the world is put in a state of chaos as the ash sweeps the globe. Without sunlight and with the air too polluted to breathe, can anyone survive? Can also be found here on
The unit changed quickly in geology class when people started dying from the ash, when produce disappeared because grocery stores couldn’t guarantee their freshness because of the inundation of ash over every surface. Instead of starting the class with index cards and moving from there, the lessons went back to where they were. There was a hasty pop quiz on plate tectonics, then a long slideshow with tons of notes about the different types of rock.

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Summary: When a huge earthquake hits out west, the world learns that Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano is set to erupt within days. Soon the world is put in a state of chaos as the ash sweeps the globe. Without sunlight and with the air too polluted to breathe, can anyone survive? Can also be found here on

The news reports weren’t what they expected. I mean, they were studying geology in their seventh grade class, somehow all together still after these few yet long years. But you never expected the news headlines to match what you were doing in class, even though that’s often how it went. Now the seventh graders of Grebe Middle were facing this challenge, though none of them could believe it.

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Summary: When Buster begins hearing strange sounds over Elwood City, he just knows it’s aliens, and soon evidence confirms that this is true. Unfortunately when fiction becomes truth, things rarely go well, and soon all of Earth is involved in an alien war. What happens when the bad guys try to take over? Find out in Invasion. Not yet posted to


It was lunch time at Lakewood Elementary, and students had gathered around their lunch tables to enjoy Taco Tuesday. Arthur sat with Buster, Brain, Francine, and Muffy at a table near the window, but it was clear that something was up just by looking over the trays. As most trays cleared at a steady pace, Buster Baxter’s tray remained mostly full, which told everyone there was a huge problem with their friend.

Buster, you gonna eat that?” Arthur asked, pointing to Buster’s untouched serving of nachos and salsa.

Nah, you can have it,” Buster replied, causing a hush to spread over the table. Muffy stopped mid-laugh to give him a confused look as all eyes fell on him. Buster blinked, “What? I’m just not that hungry today.”

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Outbreak 2

Summary: A mysterious parasite has infected the water supply of Atlanta and spread to other parts of the country. How do people react when the parasite’s effect is seen on live television? Or when they realize their favorite brand of soft drink is bottled in the outbreak zone? No relation to my other Outbreak piece. Can also be found here on

Jane was getting breakfast ready in a large pan, a carton full of empty egg shells beside her. David yawned as he poured his and Jane’s cup of coffee before turning towards the toaster. It spit out four pieces of toast, his signal to retrieve them, butter the slices, and add four more.

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Summary: A flu outbreak comes to Elwood City. At first everyone sees the illness as a normal seasonal thing, but then the news of death reaches everyone, and the entire world realizes this is no normal flu. Can also be found here on

Coughing. Coughing from everywhere. At first it was just another sound, a sound people were used to hearing anyway. But then we realized there was too much of it. Flu season was starting too early and lasting too long, and then the CDC revealed the truth: This strain was different, and it was going away any time soon.

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Through the Storm

Summary: A storm of epic proportions is building in the Midwest and tearing eastward. As Lakewood’s third grade class heads to camp, this epic monstrosity comes barreling towards their home. Can anyone survive? Can also be found here on


Mr. Ratburn’s class met up behind the school’s gym, backpacks loaded with supplies for their annual retreat. Parents and fundraising had paid for the excursion, which would take many students farther than they’d ever gone—into Canada to a resort straight from Nigel’s childhood. He’d gone plenty of times as a summer camp, but this was a late spring trip to celebrate the coming end to the school year. Yes, that meant extra work beyond just planning a trip because the students needed passports, but everyone was willing.

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