The Art of Love

Summary: Rattles has a huge crush on Sue Ellen. They have an art class together that lets him see her every day. But when some horseplay causes him to ruin her painting, he has to find a way to make it up to her. Can Rattles fix the damage? Can they ever be together?

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Sue Ellen had her tongue stuck out slightly with concentration. The entire canvas depended on her making careful brush strokes, which meant ignoring the loud class around her. She was in an art class at Elwood City High, and judging by the daily noise and confusion, most of the kids thought the high school was a zoo instead. Sue Ellen did her best to ignore them, but today, the piece had to be perfect to complete her artistic vision.

Suddenly the canvas leaped off the easel and onto the floor, causing her to paint across the entire painting as it nearly fell into her lap. Sue Ellen cried out in horror as the boy responsible appeared in her field of vision.

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Summary: Fern is a Creative Writing Major in college. One of her teachers takes a liking to her, but Fern finds his advances inappropriate and rejects him. When she begins to date a fellow classmate, her teacher turns on her. Will Fern be able to remain in college?

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Fern looked over her piece while the teacher made his rounds. Today was a writing day for the class, an individual process that their teacher liked to look in on. Their next class would involve some heavy critiques, so they needed to be ready if he could find problems in advance. Fern looked up expectantly. She knew he’d come by her seat within a few moments, and Fern couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Fern was a sophomore at Elwood City Community College majoring in creative writing. She’d kept up with her mystery pieces, and so far, she’d been able to hold true to her desires. Her teachers were supportive, but one had a special connection with her. That was this teacher, Mr. Greg. His full name was Colby Greg, and Fern had found herself trying not to write his name into her pieces. They were highly visible by others right now, and she didn’t want any of them to know she had a major crush on her creative writing teacher.

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Summary: When Jane finds child pornography on her husband’s computer after a repair job, she demands a divorce. What she discovers is a sinister plot between David, Arthur, and Arthur’s former math teacher, a plot she takes to the police. Will the truly guilty parties get what they deserve?

Rated PG for adult references.

Jane gave David a firm look as he entered the house. He quickly noticed how quiet the Read house was. The children were all elsewhere, even young Kate. David wondered if she was with Mei-Lin or another child her age, and he kept going with that daydream, wondering if she was having fun playing outside or watching television.

Jane noticed he was distracted. She slammed a thick, orange envelope onto the dining room table. David went pale, “Is…that….? Are those divorce papers?” he stammered.

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Animal Matchmaking

Summary: Francine Frensky has a huge crush on Brain. When Nemo intervenes, can she get up the courage to tell her tutor that she wants something more? Age 10 futurefic.

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Francine was attempted to do homework when Nemo bounded into the room. He dropped a leaf onto her page before strutting around her bed. Francine scoffed at her crazy kitten as he kneaded the corner of her mattress.

“Yes, yes, you did good, Nemo, but I’m trying to study,” Francine said, tossing his leaf onto the floor. Nemo went straight from ‘loving fluff ball’ to ‘ninja-in-training’, diving on the leaf and chasing it into the hallway, nearly knocking Catherine over on the way out.

“Um, okay, your cat is like really weird,” Catherine scoffed, handing her the cordless phone. “You’ve got a call. Just don’t hog the phone all night because Kelly is calling with-”

“Yeah, whatever,” Francine huffed, shooing her away. “Hello?”

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Summary: When David suddenly passes away, Buster returns home to comfort his childhood friend and his family. When he sees that Kate is having a hard time, he connects with her. Soon a relationship blossoms. Will the two find love from this tragic situation?

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Buster parked at the street and looked up to the Read household. It had been several years since he’d come to the house, but this time, it was for a reason he didn’t want to be here. Cars cluttered the driveway and street as others made the unexpected visit, and Buster could see crowds of people through the home’s open front windows. All of them were there to console Mrs. Read, now a widow.

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