Time Stopped (but the seasons kept changing)

Summary: Fern hates public speaking, especially when she has to read her school assignments to her peers. But this assembly is different because her work could have unintended consequences…and because it keeps happening. Every day is a new day but the scenario is the same. Fern is stuck in a time loop and she has no idea how to escape. Can also be found here on ff.net.


Fern’s mother wanted them to leave right after breakfast, but Fern made up an excuse to go for a walk. She grabbed one of her own books and told her mother it was a library book that was very overdue. Her mother gave her a dollar and sent her out into the world, but Fern wasn’t sure where she wanted to go. She knew that her friendship with Jenna disappeared entirely the day Jenna went to the bathroom and never returned, but who else could she trust?

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