Pairing Discussion 1

[Written February 28]

So I really enjoyed my entry about the Tough Customers, which I’m glad you all enjoyed and commented on. Because I loved it so much, I figured I’d do another one, at home, to discuss some other things in the fandom. Today’s entry will discuss some of the pairings, both canon and fandom pairings, to show you all what I think about them. I have quite a few pairings listed and discussed here, but I want you all to weigh in as much as possible. I may even have to break this up actually…. It’s a little long.

Pairings discussed:

  • Arthur x Francine
  • Arthur x Sue Ellen
  • Buster x Fern
  • Buster x Kate
  • DW x James
  • Binky x Molly
  • Brain x Sue Ellen

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Naomi’s World

SUMMARY: Sixteen-year-old Arthur is experiencing an interesting life change. After getting into a bicycle accident and breaking his arm, he’s thrown onto the Hottie List of Elwood City High. Girls are finally noticing him, but Arthur thinks it’s for the worst reason in the world. To make matters worse, a hot young babysitter named Naomi is hired by the Read’s to help care for Arthur, DW, Kate, and their four-year-old younger siblings, Ricky and Vicky, while Arthur is out of commission. Will Naomi fulfill her duties and make life for the Read’s better, or will she only make things worse as she too joins the pursuit of the handsome Arthur Read? Find out in Naomi’s World, and be prepared for plenty of twists and turns.

Important notes:

  • This piece is Rated K+, so there won’t be any cursing, naughty bits, etc.
  • This piece has nothing to do with my other piece, Sophomore Sorrows.
  • Each chapter is divided into named sections for easy division.

Chapter One


Arthur felt stupid for the bicycle accident that broke his arm. He was sixteen; he’d been riding for years. But after one major bump, BOOM!, he was over the handlebars. The crack and the pain was unmistakable: He’d broken his arm badly, and he was lucky to not need surgery to fix it.

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Marigold Summer

~A Drabble Series~

Summary: Kate, now 18, makes a sudden and strange realization: She has a crush on Arthur’s best friend, Buster. Despite the age difference, her nagging feelings remain. Will the two end up together? If they do, can they be happy with so many years between them? Find out in “Marigold Summer.”

SPECIAL: The series is being offered here in its entirety. No more waiting for chapters on, but if you want to follow the story there, you can find it here.

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DW and the Super Scary Soundtrack

Summary: DW is in bed when she begins to hear scary noises. Nadine tries to comfort her, but DW knows something sinister is outside. Do monsters really exist?

This story can also be found here.

DW heard growling and immediately summoned Nadine. It was late at night and DW knew everyone else in the house was asleep. Yet she kept hearing noises coming from the closet, noises that only grew louder as she and Nadine comforted each other in the center of her bed.

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Hurricane Bundles

Summary: The Read family are sitting through a terrible hurricane, and they all wonder if the end is near. Despite the damage in the town, they are able to find hope in some displaced critters they find in the backyard. Will they keep them as pets?

Can also be found here.

Elwood City was a wasteland. A powerful hurricane had made it far enough on shore to damage buildings with wind, rain, and waves of powerful storms. Some buildings appeared to be destroyed, and many homes were covered with tree parts that came down in the wind. People were terrified, and the Read home was no different.

“Mom, when do you think the power will come back on? I wanna watch Mary Moo Cow,” DW whimpered, snuggling next to her mother on the couch. Jane wrapped her arm around her but said nothing. “Momma, I asked you a question,” DW said, poking her mother’s arm.

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Sophomore Sorrows

Note: You can also find this piece here on

Summary: Arthur and the gang are sophomores at Elwood City High. Watch as they go through the ups and downs that come with teenaged life. Rated K+/PG for some violence, some language, and some adult situations.

The bus arrived just as DW received her food. She made a fuss as Kate stood by the open door, waiting for the others. They would ride the same bus to Lakewood Elementary, but DW would travel to the middle school and Arthur the high school, if they ever got out the door.

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Discouraged DW

Summary: DW has tried out for a local soccer team and won a place on the team. DW is proud of herself and is eager to play the sport, but Coach Crosswire benches her. Will DW ever get to play? Can Arthur’s friends help encourage her?

Can also be found here.

DW was eager to try out for the soccer team. She was six years old and still obsessed with the show Pretty Little Ponies, so joining a team called the Rainbow Unicorns was a big accomplishment. She knew nothing about soccer, just that Arthur and his friends played on similar teams when they were her age. She knew to kick the ball, hard, and to aim for the goal, the right one.

But DW wasn’t good at doing those things. Her try out didn’t show her this. In fact, her try out only convinced Jane the family needed a better communication system. It went like this:

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