Through The Storm

Summary: A storm of epic proportions is building in the Midwest and tearing eastward. As Lakewood’s third grade class heads to camp, this epic monstrosity comes barreling towards their home. Can anyone survive? Can also be found here on


As rain began to fall in Elwood City, there wasn’t a single smile on anyone’s faces. Meteorologists, red-faced and breathless, were shouting on every channel for people to take cover and prepare for the worst. Nothing like this system had ever been seen before, and they wanted to make sure everyone, even aliens on nearby planets, knew that this was the most horrible thing they’d ever seen. Even geologists, scientists of rocks, were brought in on some networks to explain how no evidence had even been found of an event like this.

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Through the Storm

Summary: A storm of epic proportions is building in the Midwest and tearing eastward. As Lakewood’s third grade class heads to camp, this epic monstrosity comes barreling towards their home. Can anyone survive? Can also be found here on


The storm was epic. That was the only way any newscaster could describe it, even the licensed meteorologists on The Weather Channel. A convergence of systems, three lows in total, meeting in the Midwest. The northern-most storms would ravage Minnesota and the upper peninsula of Michigan, while the lowest reaches would flood central Mexico, ravaging already poor neighborhoods and killing thousands. Such a thing happened in winter, systems stacking across the continent and reaching far south. But that was usually rain or snow, or a combination of both, not severe storms with more power than they had ever seen before.

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Marigold Summer

~A Drabble Series~

Summary: Kate, now 18, makes a sudden and strange realization: She has a crush on Arthur’s best friend, Buster. Despite the age difference, her nagging feelings remain. Will the two end up together? If they do, can they be happy with so many years between them? Find out in “Marigold Summer.”

SPECIAL: The series is being offered here in its entirety. No more waiting for chapters on, but if you want to follow the story there, you can find it here.

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Proud Heritage

Summary: Arthur and Francine are ready to start the next chapter of their life together and are now engaged. They have everything planned out, and David and Thora are even providing money for the ceremony and their first home for when they become a married couple. With so much going for them, is a fairy tale wedding in their future or will religious differences cloud the date?

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Francine stepped into the apartment she shared with Arthur. A few weeks before, she and Arthur had finally set a date for their wedding, and Francine was happy to finally be close to marrying the man of her dreams. She’d loved Arthur for years, and she knew Arthur loved her as well.

But she could sense problems as she heard murmurs coming from the next room. Francine stepped into the dining room to see Thora, David, and Arthur sitting around the table, a fresh pie on the counter. Thora smiled as she stood to serve Francine a plate. The men merely looked to her, exchanging tense glances as Thora handed Francine her slice.

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Summary: When David suddenly passes away, Buster returns home to comfort his childhood friend and his family. When he sees that Kate is having a hard time, he connects with her. Soon a relationship blossoms. Will the two find love from this tragic situation?

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Buster parked at the street and looked up to the Read household. It had been several years since he’d come to the house, but this time, it was for a reason he didn’t want to be here. Cars cluttered the driveway and street as others made the unexpected visit, and Buster could see crowds of people through the home’s open front windows. All of them were there to console Mrs. Read, now a widow.

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Baby Brawl

Summary: Arthur and DW are in charge of an activity for a Family Fun Day at the park, except this is not a day for fun. With so many picky children trying to do the activity at once, the Read kids are quickly overwhelmed. Can someone save the day to make it fun again? One-shot. For my Infinite Themes Challenge. PM me for details.

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Arthur looked over the park with contempt. It was a beautiful Saturday in Elwood City, perfect for a day in the park…but not during Family Fun Day. Arthur used to love the day, when he was a participant instead of a volunteer worker. Because David was catering the event, he’d roped his family into fulfilling other duties. Jane was supervising a teen activity across the park at the pavilion, one of the quietest areas of the park.

Arthur and DW, however, were stuck at the small picnic area next to the baby playground, the loudest area of the park. They had to monitor the coloring station, passing out coloring sheets and markers to the children. Their parents would then leave for the food or other activities, which meant their obnoxious children remained behind with the horrified Arthur and DW. They were used to children due to their young age. But other people’s children? Nope, they didn’t know much at all about the snotty little brats.

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