Baby Brawl

Summary: Arthur and DW are in charge of an activity for a Family Fun Day at the park, except this is not a day for fun. With so many picky children trying to do the activity at once, the Read kids are quickly overwhelmed. Can someone save the day to make it fun again? One-shot. For my Infinite Themes Challenge. PM me for details.

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Arthur looked over the park with contempt. It was a beautiful Saturday in Elwood City, perfect for a day in the park…but not during Family Fun Day. Arthur used to love the day, when he was a participant instead of a volunteer worker. Because David was catering the event, he’d roped his family into fulfilling other duties. Jane was supervising a teen activity across the park at the pavilion, one of the quietest areas of the park.

Arthur and DW, however, were stuck at the small picnic area next to the baby playground, the loudest area of the park. They had to monitor the coloring station, passing out coloring sheets and markers to the children. Their parents would then leave for the food or other activities, which meant their obnoxious children remained behind with the horrified Arthur and DW. They were used to children due to their young age. But other people’s children? Nope, they didn’t know much at all about the snotty little brats.

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