Southern Weather

Summary: Ladonna is used as an example when a project about seasons gets out of hand. Can also be found on deviantArt and

Mr. Ratburn’s class was doing a special unit on weather. It was mid October at that crucial time where the weather could do anything in Elwood City. Seasons were definitely changing, so some days were more like summer, others like fall, and there were a few in the forecast that were most like winter. In order to show his students the mechanics behind weather, he needed to ease them into it, so he chose to do a seasons poster.

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Summary: A flu outbreak comes to Elwood City. At first everyone sees the illness as a normal seasonal thing, but then the news of death reaches everyone, and the entire world realizes this is no normal flu. Can also be found here on

Coughing. Coughing from everywhere. At first it was just another sound, a sound people were used to hearing anyway. But then we realized there was too much of it. Flu season was starting too early and lasting too long, and then the CDC revealed the truth: This strain was different, and it was going away any time soon.

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Through the Storm

Summary: A storm of epic proportions is building in the Midwest and tearing eastward. As Lakewood’s third grade class heads to camp, this epic monstrosity comes barreling towards their home. Can anyone survive? Can also be found here on


Mr. Ratburn’s class met up behind the school’s gym, backpacks loaded with supplies for their annual retreat. Parents and fundraising had paid for the excursion, which would take many students farther than they’d ever gone—into Canada to a resort straight from Nigel’s childhood. He’d gone plenty of times as a summer camp, but this was a late spring trip to celebrate the coming end to the school year. Yes, that meant extra work beyond just planning a trip because the students needed passports, but everyone was willing.

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That First Day

Summary: Hillary Biggs isn’t looking forward to being a new student at all. But when she arrives to snickers, jokes, and other insults, she wishes she’d never come to Elwood City at all. Will she get any allies in this new school? Can also be found here on

Hillary looked up from her knees with a fearful look. She’d felt the car stop before, but she knew this was The Stop, the one that would take her into her new school for the first time. Being new wasn’t something she was used to, but she had no choice but to embrace it as her mother looked back at her from the driver’s seat with a sympathetic smile on her lips. But her eyes gave her away. If Hillary didn’t get out and go to school like she was supposed to, her headstrong—and physically strong—mother would drag her out of the car and into the building.

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Truth and Consequences

Summary: Playing Truth or Dare at Muffy’s slumber party causes Francine’s life to spin out of control. When she refuses to answer a Truth, her life transforms, and the crush she’d intended to keep a secret breaks nearly every relationship she has. Can Francine figure herself out enough to get things right?


Francine wasn’t sure about playing “Truth or Dare” with Muffy and the girls. Maria was known for relentless truths, and Sue Ellen was up for some wicked dares. Francine couldn’t compete with that, but this was a Crosswire slumber party. Francine had no choice but to go along with whatever the girls asked. She just hoped the girls wouldn’t learn her secret.

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Summary: Fern is a Creative Writing Major in college. One of her teachers takes a liking to her, but Fern finds his advances inappropriate and rejects him. When she begins to date a fellow classmate, her teacher turns on her. Will Fern be able to remain in college?

Can also be found here.

Fern looked over her piece while the teacher made his rounds. Today was a writing day for the class, an individual process that their teacher liked to look in on. Their next class would involve some heavy critiques, so they needed to be ready if he could find problems in advance. Fern looked up expectantly. She knew he’d come by her seat within a few moments, and Fern couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Fern was a sophomore at Elwood City Community College majoring in creative writing. She’d kept up with her mystery pieces, and so far, she’d been able to hold true to her desires. Her teachers were supportive, but one had a special connection with her. That was this teacher, Mr. Greg. His full name was Colby Greg, and Fern had found herself trying not to write his name into her pieces. They were highly visible by others right now, and she didn’t want any of them to know she had a major crush on her creative writing teacher.

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Crush Squared

Summary: Buster is distracted during studying, so Arthur tries to get to the bottom of his friend’s problem. When he discovers Buster has a crush on a classmate, he isn’t sure what to do, and unfortunately for the boys, things only get more complicated from there. Can anything come from these romantic feelings?

Can also be found here.

Arthur looked up from his homework. He and Buster were at the library together cramming for an upcoming geography test, but Buster didn’t look like he was studying. Arthur tapped Buster’s book with his pencils.

“Huh?” Buster cried. Arthur shook his head and got back to work. “What? What was that for? What do you want?”

“Whisper,” Arthur said through gritted teeth as Maria glared at him from nearby.

“Sorry,” Buster whispered. “What do you want, Arthur?”

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The Note

Can also be found here.

Summary: Francine has sent off a love letter to the guy of her dreams, hoping to win him over. But she doesn’t sign it, and problems arise as the group tries to figure out who likes whom. Will anyone end up together in the end? Cutesie one-shot I wrote a while back. Enjoy.

Sue Ellen looked up with a devious grin. A few tables over, Arthur was opening a love letter while Buster and Alex looked on. Suddenly, Sue Ellen felt someone elbow her, and the devious grin dissolved as she sank in her seat.

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