Summary: When a huge earthquake hits out west, the world learns that Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano is set to erupt within days. Soon the world is put in a state of chaos as the ash sweeps the globe. Without sunlight and with the air too polluted to breathe, can anyone survive? Can also be found here on
The unit changed quickly in geology class when people started dying from the ash, when produce disappeared because grocery stores couldn’t guarantee their freshness because of the inundation of ash over every surface. Instead of starting the class with index cards and moving from there, the lessons went back to where they were. There was a hasty pop quiz on plate tectonics, then a long slideshow with tons of notes about the different types of rock.

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Rising Waters

Summary: A flood is headed to Elwood City. While the children don’t know what to make of it, the adults have a good idea of what’s about to go down…yet even they will be wrong. First story for my new Disasters series. Can also be found here on

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