The Letter Writer

Summary: Buster uses mysterious letters to track down the girl he thinks has a wild crush on him. What he discovers is who he expected, but the situation is not all it seems. Can also be found here on

Buster opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. Just as he knew it would be, the room he stood in was open to the elements, a warm breeze blowing through open windows. Dust bunnies waltzed around the floor as he stepped outside into the comforting sunlight. He found her there, a paintbrush in her hand as she took in the landscape.

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Summary: When Binky finds himself inside an interrogation room at the Elwood City Police Department, he plays it cool. The cops know what happened but what they’re looking to find out is the Motive. Can also be found here on

WARNINGS: Graphic violence, some minor language, but namely the graphic thing. I’m rating this T because this is similar content that you would find in a show rated TV-14. If anyone wants me to up this to M, please let me know and I’d be glad to do so.

The room was small and sparsely furnished. Three folding chairs were placed around the room, none of them matching, and a small fold-out table was pushed against the wall. The only thing in the room was a heavy-set young man in his early twenties. A camera in the top corner of the room recorded his every movement, but there were none. He looked stoically towards the wall without doing anything. He didn’t tap his fingers or twitch his feet. He just sat there in silence. Continue reading “Motive”

Bitter Winds

Summary: Elwood City is in the middle of a vicious cold snap when the worst happens-Marinna Datillo goes missing. Her classmates are concerned for her welfare, but the city seems oblivious thanks to a new developer’s new tourist trap, which has barred local residents from entering. Marina’s friends think this author is involved, but would be that cruel?

Can also be found here.

The wind blew strong on the dark day as a bleak winter fell over Elwood City. Arthur and Fern stepped into the Sugar Bowl, bundled from head to toe. Inside, Marina and Buster sat at a back table. Though it was the furthest from the door, a bitter wind swept to the back of the restaurant.

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Summary: When Jane finds child pornography on her husband’s computer after a repair job, she demands a divorce. What she discovers is a sinister plot between David, Arthur, and Arthur’s former math teacher, a plot she takes to the police. Will the truly guilty parties get what they deserve?

Rated PG for adult references.

Jane gave David a firm look as he entered the house. He quickly noticed how quiet the Read house was. The children were all elsewhere, even young Kate. David wondered if she was with Mei-Lin or another child her age, and he kept going with that daydream, wondering if she was having fun playing outside or watching television.

Jane noticed he was distracted. She slammed a thick, orange envelope onto the dining room table. David went pale, “Is…that….? Are those divorce papers?” he stammered.

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Sinister Dreams

Summary: George’s few memories from his childhood come into play when his mother is put on trial for murder. George has no idea if anything really happened in his house, but as the trial continues and more facts come to light, he comes to realize that what he thought was his life was just a sinister dream of his parents.

For obvious reasons, this piece is rated T.

George was in the bath while his babysitter supervised. Brittney was a girl from next door who babysat him once a week while his parents had an evening out. Tonight was no different, and as he prepared to get out of the bath, he heard the door close downstairs. The babysitter did too, but she continued with her task. She wrapped the small boy in a towel and helped him get into his pajamas.

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