Making A Comeback

After far too much time away from posting, I’m ready to begin putting my work out there again. The last few years have been long and tough. I’ve experienced many changes in my life, and my lack of internet access at home meant I practically had to abandon most of my pages. Some were by choice. Leaving was the best thing I could do for my mental health at the time, and this is a decision I’m continuing to make as long as the admins remain silent on key problems in the community. deviantArt still lacks the features long form writers need, so I’ve decided to resume posting here on my WordPress site. I also have an AO3 account, which I will begin posting to as well.

So, what does my backlog include? Well, I never really stopped writing despite being away so a little bit of everything, including work for other fandoms. I stopped posting here in 2017, but in 2018 I attempted another year of 1 million words. I achieved this goal again, so there is plenty for me to post from that. I’m working on getting all of this together, which is why there will still be some delays. I just had some time to myself and figured I would put myself out there again. I know I’m building from nothing, that I won’t get the views here that I would on even some smaller fanfic hosting sites, but it’s better that way. I want to focus on the content, not the nonsense, and really get back to what I love. It’ll be slow going, but something is better than nothing. I’m ready to be back.

Mass posting on later

I will be updating as many pieces as I can on this afternoon. I’m putting this here because I really need to drum up support on my pieces. No one is reviewing or commenting and yeah, it is a bit if a numbers game right now. Travis, as per always, has new pieces and instant reviews from his puppets. It’s complete and total BS that none of us get the same attention. So maybe I need to do some promoting and see what happens. username: DarkAngelSnapeLover

Tl;dr: I’ll be updating later so get ready, and please support your fellow writers.

[Written April 22]

I have work to do today, thankfully, but in order to ration the pages of said work, I’m going to work on a little entry for you guys here on this semi-lovely Friday (weather is sketchy and Prince is dead. What a lovely day). So, I want to give a little preview of what I plan to do on now that I’ve returned. I’m also adding a preview for my upcoming WordPress articles.

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-was going to post today-

But I just decided against it. I’m finally catching up on sleep not that my granny isn’t staying with us, but I’m still so tired. Also WordPress and my computer aren’t getting along. But I’ll probably be back on this weekend.¬†We’ll probably be going somewhere with internet, be that the hospital where my grandma is or her house. I don’t know how much longer she has guys, but honestly, I hope her time comes soon. No one deserves this kind of pain.

-life update-

So some of you may have noticed I was online this past Saturday, and I told some of you what I was up to. So, I figured it was time to tell everyone what’s up with me, and I’m going to stick to the personal family stuff because we all know how fed up I am with Travis, so here it is. Expletives may appear as this is an emotional entry, but I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

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I have no idea when I’ll ever get personal online time again guys. I’m writing this today at my internship because I probably won’t be on Monday, and God forbid I even attempt to plan some Saturday online time. I am so frustrated right now. Add on to that some serious sleep issues and I’m a wreck right now. I have more energy today than I thought I would considering I woke up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep until probably 4 in the morning. *sighs* I’m just done right now.

In other news, my wittle Ladybug is going in to get fixed today. I know not all of you support that sort of procedure, but I think it will really improve her quality of life, namely because she keeps trying to get outside to get dem boys *flirty wink*. I can’t have my little one roaming the neighborhood contributing to an already bad overpopulation issue, so it’s a very necessary procedure, and hopefully she’ll be back to being a kitten instead of Mommy’s Little Ho very soon:)

Hope you guys have a safe weekend.

P.S: Keep reporting Travis. I noticed he’s ignored an attempt for me to reason with him, so it’s done–I’m going to report EVERYTHING, his script formatted stories included. I want the perverted stories gone too, but he’s pushed too many of my buttons and I’m already super fed up with this who ***damn planet, so yeah, report it all. By my calculations everything from “The Huge Election” down is script formatted aside from a few pieces, so please send in reports if you have the time. And thanks to anyone sending emails. The more people who send them the more likely the admins are to see it, so keep going. We’ve got to get this guy so we can get our fandom back…and clean up a few others in the process.

Okay, I’m getting to work now. Bye guys:)


I spent all day yesterday sitting at the hospital with my father without any electronic devices period when I was there. Needless to say, I’ll attempt to get online Saturday. I’m currently at my internship and I refuse to check my personal messages while I’m here. I just wanted to let you guys know what was up with me real quick.

To anyone helping with the Travis situation, keep up the fight guys. I think we can get him if we just keep pushing. Send reports whenever you can, on both his inappropriate stories and his script formatting nightmares from years back. Every report counts, so keep up the good work.

Now, I’m going to get to work like a good little girl^~^