Hurricane Bundles

Summary: The Read family are sitting through a terrible hurricane, and they all wonder if the end is near. Despite the damage in the town, they are able to find hope in some displaced critters they find in the backyard. Will they keep them as pets?

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Elwood City was a wasteland. A powerful hurricane had made it far enough on shore to damage buildings with wind, rain, and waves of powerful storms. Some buildings appeared to be destroyed, and many homes were covered with tree parts that came down in the wind. People were terrified, and the Read home was no different.

“Mom, when do you think the power will come back on? I wanna watch Mary Moo Cow,” DW whimpered, snuggling next to her mother on the couch. Jane wrapped her arm around her but said nothing. “Momma, I asked you a question,” DW said, poking her mother’s arm.

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