A Rat’s Purpose

Summary: When Mr. Ratburn puts in for a transfer, Principal Haney decides to sit down to dinner with Nigel to discuss his plans, and hopefully change his mind. Can also be found on deviantArt and ff.net.

Mr. Ratburn looked up from his salad as Principal Haney sighed, wiping his mouth with a cloth napkin. They were having dinner together at a nice restaurant in town. It was about two-thirty on a Saturday, so they weren’t alone in the place, but they were happy to be seated away from everyone else. This wasn’t a social lunch between a principal and his teacher. No, this lunch was all about business.

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That First Day

Summary: Hillary Biggs isn’t looking forward to being a new student at all. But when she arrives to snickers, jokes, and other insults, she wishes she’d never come to Elwood City at all. Will she get any allies in this new school? Can also be found here on ff.net.

Hillary looked up from her knees with a fearful look. She’d felt the car stop before, but she knew this was The Stop, the one that would take her into her new school for the first time. Being new wasn’t something she was used to, but she had no choice but to embrace it as her mother looked back at her from the driver’s seat with a sympathetic smile on her lips. But her eyes gave her away. If Hillary didn’t get out and go to school like she was supposed to, her headstrong—and physically strong—mother would drag her out of the car and into the building.

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Rising Waters

Summary: A flood is headed to Elwood City. While the children don’t know what to make of it, the adults have a good idea of what’s about to go down…yet even they will be wrong. First story for my new Disasters series. Can also be found here on ff.net.

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The Janitor

Summary: When Mr. Morris’s granddaughter is sent to Elwood City after his death to look into a storage unit of his, she had no idea what to expect. She thought he’d moved everything to New Mexico when he left, and she didn’t see how he would have anything of value anyway. What she discovers is a vast unit with valuables too stunning to ignore. One-shot. R&R.

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Redemption Party

(This is Part Two of a two-shot. Please see “Convincing Francine” before reading this one. Thanks!)

Summary: A reunion of Lakewood’s favorite third grade class is about to take place. How much has everyone changed, and how many have been able to change for the better?

Can also be found here.

Francine walked through the walls of clothing with a slight smile. She’d found the perfect winter outfit earlier, but now she needed something that showed off her personality for old friends, though they weren’t exactly “friends” anymore.

Francine went through a list of names and tallied what happened to everyone:

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Free Bird

Summary: When Francine is involved in an embarrassing toilet paper incident that Fern witnesses, Francine swears she’s going to get in trouble. Fearing the worst, she nearly drives herself mad trying to keep the incident a secret. Can Fern help her recover? Rated G.

Can also be found here.

Francine had done a bad thing, a funny thing, but a bad thing.

As she left the girls’ bathroom, she accidentally tracked a roll of toilet paper into the hallway. The roll was unseen, sitting beside a stall in the inevitable event that someone’s roll would go out. The first sheets clung to the floor, and when Francine stepped on the paper, it stuck to her shoe too. She never felt the roll bobbing and rolling behind her, unraveling into a long marathon of paper that tracked from the girls’ washroom all the way to her locker.

Fern was the only one in the hallway. Francine remembered her getting a pass earlier that day to go to the library during reading time, as her book was due. She was on her way back now and her eyes locked on Francine, then on the paper trail, and then on the entire situation.

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Space Camp

Summary: A rich donor pays to send one student per 3rd grade class in the district to space camp. The administrators for Lakewood Elementary meet to decide who should go on the trip. Who will they pick? Will their decision change lives?

Can also be found here.

Mr. Ratburn’s class filed into the Lakewood Elementary gym behind Miss Sweetwater’s class. Even the teachers didn’t seem to know why they were there as the students sat cross-legged on the gym floor in neat rows. At the front of the room, Principal Haney was with a man no one recognized, chatting and laughing with him before the start of the assembly. Students murmured to each other, all of them wondering what this was about without any good answers.

After a few minutes, Principal Haney grabbed a microphone from Miss Tingley. Feedback filled the room with an uncomfortable ringing, and once it was over, the assembly began. Principal Haney cleared his throat, “Good morning, children. I want to thank all of you for coming on such short notice, but I just got a message from my good friend Mr. Matthews. Mr. Matthews, why don’t you tell the children why you’re here?”

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