Southern Weather

Summary: Ladonna is used as an example when a project about seasons gets out of hand. Can also be found on deviantArt and

Mr. Ratburn’s class was doing a special unit on weather. It was mid October at that crucial time where the weather could do anything in Elwood City. Seasons were definitely changing, so some days were more like summer, others like fall, and there were a few in the forecast that were most like winter. In order to show his students the mechanics behind weather, he needed to ease them into it, so he chose to do a seasons poster.

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Summary: When Jane finds child pornography on her husband’s computer after a repair job, she demands a divorce. What she discovers is a sinister plot between David, Arthur, and Arthur’s former math teacher, a plot she takes to the police. Will the truly guilty parties get what they deserve?

Rated PG for adult references.

Jane gave David a firm look as he entered the house. He quickly noticed how quiet the Read house was. The children were all elsewhere, even young Kate. David wondered if she was with Mei-Lin or another child her age, and he kept going with that daydream, wondering if she was having fun playing outside or watching television.

Jane noticed he was distracted. She slammed a thick, orange envelope onto the dining room table. David went pale, “Is…that….? Are those divorce papers?” he stammered.

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