The Art of Love

Summary: Rattles has a huge crush on Sue Ellen. They have an art class together that lets him see her every day. But when some horseplay causes him to ruin her painting, he has to find a way to make it up to her. Can Rattles fix the damage? Can they ever be together?

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Sue Ellen had her tongue stuck out slightly with concentration. The entire canvas depended on her making careful brush strokes, which meant ignoring the loud class around her. She was in an art class at Elwood City High, and judging by the daily noise and confusion, most of the kids thought the high school was a zoo instead. Sue Ellen did her best to ignore them, but today, the piece had to be perfect to complete her artistic vision.

Suddenly the canvas leaped off the easel and onto the floor, causing her to paint across the entire painting as it nearly fell into her lap. Sue Ellen cried out in horror as the boy responsible appeared in her field of vision.

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Who are the Tough Customers?

[Written February 25]
This morning, I passed by my childhood elementary school. It was like 8 in the morning so no kids were playing on the playground, but it made me think about Arthur, his friends, and their school, Lakewood Elementary. And one major question came to me that I want to discuss in full: Who are the Tough Customers?

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