Sophomore Sorrows

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Summary: Arthur and the gang are sophomores at Elwood City High. Watch as they go through the ups and downs that come with teenaged life. Rated K+/PG for some violence, some language, and some adult situations.



Fern smiled as she sank into a beanbag chair in the crowded library, crowded with shelves, that is. Elwood City High redid their library over the summer, hoping to bring in more students who weren’t into the new city librarian’s ebook policies. Fern checked out two books before sinking into the lovely beanbag chair to read. She picked an old favorite first, Frankenstein.

Footsteps sounded nearby, heavy ones. Fern looked up to see a girl wearing all black walking by, her dark makeup making her look zombie-like. Her knee-length black skirt didn’t really match her black fishnets and black combat boots, but Fern remembered that the dress code didn’t allow the miniskirt that would complete the look.

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