Bitter Winds

Summary: Elwood City is in the middle of a vicious cold snap when the worst happens-Marinna Datillo goes missing. Her classmates are concerned for her welfare, but the city seems oblivious thanks to a new developer’s new tourist trap, which has barred local residents from entering. Marina’s friends think this author is involved, but would be that cruel?

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The wind blew strong on the dark day as a bleak winter fell over Elwood City. Arthur and Fern stepped into the Sugar Bowl, bundled from head to toe. Inside, Marina and Buster sat at a back table. Though it was the furthest from the door, a bitter wind swept to the back of the restaurant.

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Truth and Consequences

Summary: Playing Truth or Dare at Muffy’s slumber party causes Francine’s life to spin out of control. When she refuses to answer a Truth, her life transforms, and the crush she’d intended to keep a secret breaks nearly every relationship she has. Can Francine figure herself out enough to get things right?


Francine wasn’t sure about playing “Truth or Dare” with Muffy and the girls. Maria was known for relentless truths, and Sue Ellen was up for some wicked dares. Francine couldn’t compete with that, but this was a Crosswire slumber party. Francine had no choice but to go along with whatever the girls asked. She just hoped the girls wouldn’t learn her secret.

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Fast Food Fail

Summary: Sue Ellen is eager to start work at her favorite fast food restaurant. She thinks it will be a wonderful experience. She will be wrong in many ways.

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Sue Ellen was excited to finally have her work permit. She was eager to get out into the working world, and she knew exactly where she wanted to work. So, she made up a résumé with the help of her English teacher, then she went online to fill out the application. Within five days, she’d heard back from the manager. After an interview, she’d pretty much be hired on the spot.

Sue Ellen was excited. Ever since Falafel King opened, she’d wanted to work there. It was the only shop of its kind in the entire region, and their food was amazing. She wanted to know their entire system, how the food was made and how they had such great service. She couldn’t wait to waltz in, get the job, and start learning the secrets of the industry.

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Everything We Had

Summary: Fern’s sophomore year at Rosewood Academy isn’t going as planned. She feels her entire world is crumbling, and in a moment of weakness, she commits suicide. When she returns as a ghost, will she be able to work through the problems that caused her to end her life or will she be stuck in a state of depression forever? My NaNoWriMo2014 piece. Rated T for dark themes.

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Chapter One

The Rosewood Academy was an elite prep school a few miles outside of Elwood City. The building was large and old, its bricks covered in thick ivy that trailed up to the roof line. The architecture itself proved to the world that this was the place that future leaders went for training, a place for the best education in the area.

Students could only get into the academy by invitation, and even then, tuition was extremely high. Very few area students could actually afford the school, meaning that most were actually from out of town. Those students lived in a small dorm complex just off campus, their lives mandated by the school’s officials. The only students free of their watchful eye were the local students. Only three were enrolled now: Muffy Crosswire, Sue Ellen Armstrong, and Fern Walters.

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Discouraged DW

Summary: DW has tried out for a local soccer team and won a place on the team. DW is proud of herself and is eager to play the sport, but Coach Crosswire benches her. Will DW ever get to play? Can Arthur’s friends help encourage her?

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DW was eager to try out for the soccer team. She was six years old and still obsessed with the show Pretty Little Ponies, so joining a team called the Rainbow Unicorns was a big accomplishment. She knew nothing about soccer, just that Arthur and his friends played on similar teams when they were her age. She knew to kick the ball, hard, and to aim for the goal, the right one.

But DW wasn’t good at doing those things. Her try out didn’t show her this. In fact, her try out only convinced Jane the family needed a better communication system. It went like this:

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Crush Squared

Summary: Buster is distracted during studying, so Arthur tries to get to the bottom of his friend’s problem. When he discovers Buster has a crush on a classmate, he isn’t sure what to do, and unfortunately for the boys, things only get more complicated from there. Can anything come from these romantic feelings?

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Arthur looked up from his homework. He and Buster were at the library together cramming for an upcoming geography test, but Buster didn’t look like he was studying. Arthur tapped Buster’s book with his pencils.

“Huh?” Buster cried. Arthur shook his head and got back to work. “What? What was that for? What do you want?”

“Whisper,” Arthur said through gritted teeth as Maria glared at him from nearby.

“Sorry,” Buster whispered. “What do you want, Arthur?”

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Sophomore Sorrows

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Summary: Arthur and the gang are sophomores at Elwood City High. Watch as they go through the ups and downs that come with teenaged life. Rated K+/PG for some violence, some language, and some adult situations.


George and his father looked up from the worktable as someone knocked on the door. George’s mother had a platter with sandwiches and a pitcher of lemonade. George retrieved it, careful to place the items on a suitable surface. After Wally broke his sixth-grade year, falling into too many pieces to put back together, he’d started helping his father carve. He’d made a major flaw when making Wally, but they’d fixed that now. George had three dummies, one for him to keep and two to sell. He’d sell them at the state fair when it came to town, but now it was time to help his father.

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