The Arthur fandom on has faced several problems recently, namely from a particular user. Now it’s time for us to take back our fandom, and we could really use all the help we can get.

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Hurricane Bundles

Summary: The Read family are sitting through a terrible hurricane, and they all wonder if the end is near. Despite the damage in the town, they are able to find hope in some displaced critters they find in the backyard. Will they keep them as pets?

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Elwood City was a wasteland. A powerful hurricane had made it far enough on shore to damage buildings with wind, rain, and waves of powerful storms. Some buildings appeared to be destroyed, and many homes were covered with tree parts that came down in the wind. People were terrified, and the Read home was no different.

“Mom, when do you think the power will come back on? I wanna watch Mary Moo Cow,” DW whimpered, snuggling next to her mother on the couch. Jane wrapped her arm around her but said nothing. “Momma, I asked you a question,” DW said, poking her mother’s arm.

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Summary: Fern is a Creative Writing Major in college. One of her teachers takes a liking to her, but Fern finds his advances inappropriate and rejects him. When she begins to date a fellow classmate, her teacher turns on her. Will Fern be able to remain in college?

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Fern looked over her piece while the teacher made his rounds. Today was a writing day for the class, an individual process that their teacher liked to look in on. Their next class would involve some heavy critiques, so they needed to be ready if he could find problems in advance. Fern looked up expectantly. She knew he’d come by her seat within a few moments, and Fern couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say.

Fern was a sophomore at Elwood City Community College majoring in creative writing. She’d kept up with her mystery pieces, and so far, she’d been able to hold true to her desires. Her teachers were supportive, but one had a special connection with her. That was this teacher, Mr. Greg. His full name was Colby Greg, and Fern had found herself trying not to write his name into her pieces. They were highly visible by others right now, and she didn’t want any of them to know she had a major crush on her creative writing teacher.

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Free Bird

Summary: When Francine is involved in an embarrassing toilet paper incident that Fern witnesses, Francine swears she’s going to get in trouble. Fearing the worst, she nearly drives herself mad trying to keep the incident a secret. Can Fern help her recover? Rated G.

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Francine had done a bad thing, a funny thing, but a bad thing.

As she left the girls’ bathroom, she accidentally tracked a roll of toilet paper into the hallway. The roll was unseen, sitting beside a stall in the inevitable event that someone’s roll would go out. The first sheets clung to the floor, and when Francine stepped on the paper, it stuck to her shoe too. She never felt the roll bobbing and rolling behind her, unraveling into a long marathon of paper that tracked from the girls’ washroom all the way to her locker.

Fern was the only one in the hallway. Francine remembered her getting a pass earlier that day to go to the library during reading time, as her book was due. She was on her way back now and her eyes locked on Francine, then on the paper trail, and then on the entire situation.

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Sophomore Sorrows

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Summary: Arthur and the gang are sophomores at Elwood City High. Watch as they go through the ups and downs that come with teenaged life. Rated K+/PG for some violence, some language, and some adult situations.


Binky looked around the room in shock. When he realized he was in an advanced classroom, he nearly fainted. He almost imploded when he saw Brain Powers at the front of the room, as well as every smart senior he’d ever had contact with, which wasn’t very many. The class, an advanced history course, only had ten people in it. Binky was the only sophomore; everyone else was considered a senior.

“Alright, I’ll call the roll. Barnes, Binky?” the teacher called. Binky nervously raised his hand. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Barnes. Binky is the only sophomore allowed in the course this year. His history scores last year made him eligible, as well as his other standardized scores. I hope your parents are very proud of you, Binky,” the teacher smiled.

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Summary: Arthur and the gang face relationship issues when they struggle between specific choices. In Part One, Francine must choose to keep dating Arthur, her distant boyfriend of two years who would rather hang with the guys than see how she’s doing, or to dump him and see what else is out there.

Chapter Two
Francine was running laps with her team when the boys’ team showed up for their laps. Raymond was among them, his workout gear still flashing the logo from the Hornets. He ran with the top pack of the boys’ team, his stride long and graceful. Girls giggled as they watched him, studying his athletic form and wondering whether or not he had a date. Francine was simply impressed with his ability, a feeling that didn’t change when they all took to the field for their cooldown stretches. Raymond was definitely top-notch material, and she knew the boys’ season would improve with a gifted athlete like him on their team.

After practice, Francine sat in the gym waiting for her father to come pick her up. She tried texting Arthur to see what he was doing that night, but so far he hadn’t responded. Francine was looking through a message from Muffy when she heard a bag land beside her. She looked up to see Raymond running a towel through his wet hair. Continue reading