The Letter Writer

Summary: Buster uses mysterious letters to track down the girl he thinks has a wild crush on him. What he discovers is who he expected, but the situation is not all it seems. Can also be found here on

Buster opened his eyes and took in his surroundings. Just as he knew it would be, the room he stood in was open to the elements, a warm breeze blowing through open windows. Dust bunnies waltzed around the floor as he stepped outside into the comforting sunlight. He found her there, a paintbrush in her hand as she took in the landscape.

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Pairing Discussion 2

Well my last pairing discussion had hits and misses for some of you, but I expected that when I decided to write about some of the fandom’s most-used pairings (and pairings I should use more for various reasons). This time around I want to discuss the oddballs, longshots, and just HUH? pairings to see what you all think.

Pairings Discussed:

  • Arthur x Marina (with some Buster x Marina insights)
  • Francine x Muffy
  • Sue Ellen x Fern
  • Binky x Boy
  • Arthur x Buster
  • Bitzi x Teacher
  • Pal x Killer
  • DW x Tibble/ Emily x Tibble
  • Ladonna x Arthur
  • Brain x Lydia

Warnings: Some language and sexual talk; PG-13/T rated discussion. Note that some pairings are slash/femslash.

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The Art of Love

Summary: Rattles has a huge crush on Sue Ellen. They have an art class together that lets him see her every day. But when some horseplay causes him to ruin her painting, he has to find a way to make it up to her. Can Rattles fix the damage? Can they ever be together?

Can also be found here.


Sue Ellen had her tongue stuck out slightly with concentration. The entire canvas depended on her making careful brush strokes, which meant ignoring the loud class around her. She was in an art class at Elwood City High, and judging by the daily noise and confusion, most of the kids thought the high school was a zoo instead. Sue Ellen did her best to ignore them, but today, the piece had to be perfect to complete her artistic vision.

Suddenly the canvas leaped off the easel and onto the floor, causing her to paint across the entire painting as it nearly fell into her lap. Sue Ellen cried out in horror as the boy responsible appeared in her field of vision.

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Pairing Discussion 1

[Written February 28]

So I really enjoyed my entry about the Tough Customers, which I’m glad you all enjoyed and commented on. Because I loved it so much, I figured I’d do another one, at home, to discuss some other things in the fandom. Today’s entry will discuss some of the pairings, both canon and fandom pairings, to show you all what I think about them. I have quite a few pairings listed and discussed here, but I want you all to weigh in as much as possible. I may even have to break this up actually…. It’s a little long.

Pairings discussed:

  • Arthur x Francine
  • Arthur x Sue Ellen
  • Buster x Fern
  • Buster x Kate
  • DW x James
  • Binky x Molly
  • Brain x Sue Ellen

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Naomi’s World

SUMMARY: Sixteen-year-old Arthur is experiencing an interesting life change. After getting into a bicycle accident and breaking his arm, he’s thrown onto the Hottie List of Elwood City High. Girls are finally noticing him, but Arthur thinks it’s for the worst reason in the world. To make matters worse, a hot young babysitter named Naomi is hired by the Read’s to help care for Arthur, DW, Kate, and their four-year-old younger siblings, Ricky and Vicky, while Arthur is out of commission. Will Naomi fulfill her duties and make life for the Read’s better, or will she only make things worse as she too joins the pursuit of the handsome Arthur Read? Find out in Naomi’s World, and be prepared for plenty of twists and turns.

Important notes:

  • This piece is Rated K+, so there won’t be any cursing, naughty bits, etc.
  • This piece has nothing to do with my other piece, Sophomore Sorrows.
  • Each chapter is divided into named sections for easy division.

Chapter One


Arthur felt stupid for the bicycle accident that broke his arm. He was sixteen; he’d been riding for years. But after one major bump, BOOM!, he was over the handlebars. The crack and the pain was unmistakable: He’d broken his arm badly, and he was lucky to not need surgery to fix it.

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In The Beginning

Summary: Arthur has a crush, but it’s not your standard crush. He’s in love with a sweet, lovely smell coming from the hair of Elwood City High’s newest student, Jade West. He just doesn’t know it’s her scent. Can he connect the two, and if he can, does he have what it takes to become the boyfriend of beautiful Jade? Can also be found here

Part 1 of 3.

Smells Like Teen Crushes

Arthur was intoxicated. He wasn’t drinking; he was smelling a beautiful scent, a scent that filled his science class every morning. He dreamed about the scent, dreamed of flying through it like a beautiful bird. He had a crush on this scent, and he wondered every morning where it came from.

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Marigold Summer

~A Drabble Series~

Summary: Kate, now 18, makes a sudden and strange realization: She has a crush on Arthur’s best friend, Buster. Despite the age difference, her nagging feelings remain. Will the two end up together? If they do, can they be happy with so many years between them? Find out in “Marigold Summer.”

SPECIAL: The series is being offered here in its entirety. No more waiting for chapters on, but if you want to follow the story there, you can find it here.

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